How do you find things to be thankful for?

Kristen N.
I most often realize my gratitude in the moment when someone is considerate of me or I see a huge improvement in my performance. I'm greatfull in times of kindness and accomplishment.
Domitille N.
I look around what I have (apartment, bf, friends, family, jobs/ internships opportunities, life, talents I may have, health etc.
Katarina F.
Look around yourself, and find even the tiniest thing that makes you happy that day (etc. The weather was sunny.). That way you learn to appreciate them more. I don't have a father for example but I turn it around by thinking I am grateful for it because he was a bad man and I deserve to be with the people that love me. I don't need to waste my energy on sorrow 🙂
Lohan E.
I think about what happened through the day, a nice comment, a smile, the blue sky..anything that makes me feel good, like the smile of my dad, or the laugh of someone, can be really anything, even things that you do for yourself