How do you choose what to be grateful for? Is it something that is a status quo, like your place of living or do do you practise gratitude for things that were unexpected?

Tania V.
I do both status quo & the unexpected. The beuty of a sunny day ( live in grey london) to getting that good job or being well financially
Ida N.
I write down something. i’m grateful for, it can be anything. But everyday it’s a new thing. For an example yesterday I wrote that I was thankful for another day in life.
Isab U S.
I sometimes replay my whole day and write a condensed version of it, and then find something from that I really appreciated. Sometimes I kind of look for people to be grateful for, or something they did – trying to keep a spouse or significant other part of the daily gratitude helps improve relations with them. Then I'll kind of look for something in general that my personality just appreciates. Or how I felt or perceived a Higher Power helping me that day. If not much happened that day, I've put down that I appreciated hearing birds singing, or the warmth of the sun. Those kind of days force me to focus on things I'm probably taking for granted.
Lorraine Z.
Things I am grateful for are usually based on events and stories around me. About poverty, health, livelihood or stress. Family food and shelter.