How do you phrase some of the things you say you are grateful for in your gratitude journal ?

Mary X.
Sometimes I do lists. Sometimes I draw. Sometimes I expound on one thing for the whole entry. I let my mood take me. I also ordered a special gratitude journal from kurtzigat that I love.
Sofia S.
Honestly, i just make a list. Just a few words about each item. "Cuddled with my cat", "found a new favorite food", "completed my to do list"
Domniki X.
This is supposed to be a free expressing situation for you, because no one is supposed to see the stuff that you write – unless fabulous sells them all to companies, which i hope they don't.
So, dont over think about that.
Just state what you enjoyed about your day. What made you smile. What is a considered privilege that you have – you have roof over your head, you love someone, you have a loving pet, a hobby you like, someone smiled at you.
Phrases are: "i am grateful for…
/i enjoyed… /thank you self for doing that for me.