How has writing down what you’re grateful for helped your mindset?

Najee O.
It has made a dramatic change. I feel more euphoric when I do energy healing exercises, I find myself automatically giving compliments to people I find interesting and Complaining stops
Mologadi N.
Writing down helps you remember,soo looking back at what you wrote helps you remember what you should be grateful for.I hope that ,I have answered your question.have a nice day
Domniki X.
It keeps you on track with a the positive things that happened to you and you have in your life.
So, you start realising, when something bad happens, that it is not THAT bad because you have every day small things that are nice and you should feel grateful for…
That way, you become stronger in difficult times and a more positive person, because you start noticing all the littlw things that are cute blessings in your life….
Ismet F.
It has given me the time to prioritize and listen to myself more. Also having a record of it has been awesome to reflect on my growth.