Does practicing gratitude makes you also think of wishes you would like to come true?

Sarah G.
Personally the practice of gratitude makes me content with the things I have now giving me a more positive outlook on life. Having dreams, ambitions and wishes for the future is fine but gratitude is to help you live in the present and be happy. Why postpone your happiness until you’ve reached a certain goal? You can be happy and content now whilst still working towards things.

Emily P.
No, because when I practice gratitude it makes me see how much I have. Even in times where I can only find a few things to be grateful for. This doesn't mean there are not things I hope to accomplish or gain ("wishes"), but during my time of gratitude those wants are lowered.

William L.
Yes because if your heart is grateful for something happening or to certain person both those things and person would stay with you and you would have a upward spiral of well being

Rick Hrishikesh J.
Yes, The more you are open the more you will receive. I believe in the LOA and working towards it. My answer might be not upto the point but if we try together to Menifest our desires weather it comes true or not but it will be a worth try. They say right : What you want wants you and practicing Gratitude is the golden key to open the door of Success and happiness.

Anton C.
Yes. It makes me think of things that make me happy, and wanting to increase the frequency of them. It also makes me note the things I'm proud of myself for doing and makes me want to do more of that!