how can I be grateful to people I don’t like

Sigur R Z.
Personally I don't get grateful for people I do not like. However, they make me more grateful for those in my life I do like. <3
Jeanine A.
Because they are teaching you tolerance and helping you become a better person. If you don't like them try to understand why you don't. This will show you something valuable about your life and yourself.
Alicia Y.
Think about being grateful for the lessons they've taught you – how to be patient and kind. Sometimes people aren't nice or don't like us for our benefit. The lesson is more important than the friendship.
Harrison U.
You don’t have to like someone to appreciate or be grateful for something they may offer. To you, or to society. Find that positive attribute in said person and reflect on that. That will help you find your gratitude towards a person you don’t like.
شروق محمود N.
Because you can learn many things from them, you can ask your self what you don’t like in them and in the future you can choose people don’t have this adjective .
Also you can learn how deal with this personal now and in the future . you will be more understood and have many skills help you to have good relationships with people.
So I think you should thank this person and be grateful for him not hate him . 🤭👌🏻
Taylor X.
It's a hard point, but forgiveness is better than grudge. We all play a part in each other's lives and we learn to be good to the people who likely don't like us either. Just think of them as a friend that you have lost. And try to be these things and hopefully you will be able to get through 🙂
Kanika F.
Every person in your life is a reflection of your thoughts. The reason of not liking that person is also an internal thing, the day you remove that the reason will also be removed and that person will also not validate that reason anymore.
Moreover, I believe every person can teach you something, specially people who are teaching you to be loving and positive and asking to to erode the feeling of hate from your life. So can you really hate such person who is teaching you the most beautiful thing in this word?

Also, You nights be saying you just hate this person, but your subconscious is getting used to this emotion and will fetch this emotion everytime things don’t go as per your pre conceived notion. So why to feed brain with this and why to make is even aware of this feeling.

Our state should be a state of love for all, kindness for all, care for all- unconditional!! Then would be some meaning life.

Riley O.
Once upon a time, a fish was speaking to another fish. The first fish said, “the water is great today.” The second fish responded, “what is water?” Everything exists in pairs. You’ll never know something is good if you’ve never experienced something bad. You’ll never know what light is if you’ve never seen darkness. You’ll never understand life if you aren’t aware of death. It may not always seem like it, but the people we dislike are blessings. They humble us. They remind us that there is someone elsewhere who appreciates us and loves us for who we are. They remind us to continue offering love and sacrifice to the people that matter. When we behold the people we don’t like, we appreciate the people we like that much more and continue to work towards improving out relationships with them. The people we dislike are the universe’s way of keeping us on the path of kindness.
Elizabeth N.
Every time you meet someone, they are an opportunity to leArn something about yourself and about the world. How do you respond to them? What makes you respond in that way? What happened to them in their life that causes them to be who they are today? How is that similar or different to your experiences? Sometimes asking those questions helps me to find gratitude 🙏
Sergio Y.
We can be grateful to people that we don’t like because they show us how we do not want to be. These people show us how other people feel about us when we behave similarly. We also might have that bad feature in ourselves but not being able to realise until when we see it in the people that we don’t like them.
Becca A.
You can be grateful that those people have shown you how great the people you love truly are. You can also be grateful that people you don’t like have helped you learn things like patience, independence, or anything else you’ve gained through dealing with them!
Reem N.
I can be grateful to the days I don’t see the people I don’t like. If they’re a genuinely mean and aggressive person, I can be grateful for them showing me how not to act. If said person ever tried to berate me and fails to, I can be grateful that I was mentally strong enough to handle their criticism and continue with my day.
Guy Christophe X.
You should embrace that you have people that you don't like by asking why we don't like them from the first place. Everything should be a blessing.
Magdalena X.
It can be easier when we realize that the life is not only about what we like and that such a people have also important role in our lifes. They are the same and also have their struggles.
Jesus S.
Because they provide you with the opportunity to review your own values and activate your internal schemes in order to adapt and be a better version of yourself
Carlos C.
A person that you don’t like may not necessarily add value to your life as good friends and family do. However, they can help you develop good character qualities such as, patience and self-control. So even if you encounter a negative feeling or experience concerning that person, You can learn to respond in a mature manner without exerting any negative behaviours on your side just because you don’t like them. In this case, you can show gratitude towards them by accepting how they have shown themselves to be towards you, and using that to navigate through life the best way you can.