Can I be grateful for something/ someone who hurt me?

Elaine F.
Yes I can be grateful to those who hurt me because of them I got to learn something and upgrade my version. If they weren't there I doubt I would have even found a fault with myself. I'm really grateful that they hurt me and thus helped me become more empathetic towards others experiencing something similar and strong feelings to myself being able to face it like a Woman! They help me gain insight and make me feel better about myself everytime I look back at it. Thank you for being a part of my life. Sorry that you couldnt continue with me any further.
Stef N.
Yes, the lesson is the best thing that could happen to you. Every negative thing that happens to you shapes your personality and makes you stronger
Emilie W.
Yes, I think we shall be grateful for all our experiences.
The good ones bring us joy and laughter. The negative ones bring us a lesson. A lesson about ourselves, about life and it makes us wiser.
So…let’s be grateful for all the people that hurt us and send them some love back. 🙏
Penny P.
You need to be grateful to have experienced that something that hurt you or to have met that someone who hurt you. I am sure you learnt a lot from that… now you know better!
Trenka E.
When I realize that someone hurts me, I also realize how that person relates to me and I can be greatful for getting to know this. In the sense that getting hurt can be eye opening.
Emma T.
It depends. Did this experience/person help you grow? Sometimes we are placed in difficult situations where we are forced to change. If the situation has changed you for the better, I’d say it’s something to be grateful for. But it’s up to you. Ponder on it if you feel necessary. I believe in your judgement.💛