Does being grateful for my privileges (e.g. being white, able-bodied, etc.) make me a bad person?

Crystal U.
No is the short answer , being grateful for anything you've seen be a benefit to your life is positive and will attract more of the same. I'd question whether or not the colour of your skin is a privilege or a disadvantage, in today's society although racism is definately still alive and well , there are more and more opportunities out there for anyone who's part of any minority. I think it's a complex issue. Bottom line feeling guikt for the colour of your skin doesn't help anyone
Lolo N.
Well, I think being grateful for your own privileges between you and your self only is acceptable but not in front of the people who are missing those things. I think if this thing happened it will be disrespectful.
Silke C.
I don't think so. Being unaware of your privileges may be worse than being grateful for them. I think gratitude for what you have is the first step towards having empathy for those who don't have the same.
Danny J.
No, not as long as you are doing things to dismantle the structure which creates privilege for some and disparity for others based on elements totally out of their control. The first step to that is recognition.
Mason G.
Nao. Sou grata por ser saudável, por ter uma familia incrível, por namorar com alguém generoso, por ter amigos que me dão a mão, por ter oportunidades, por trabalhar no que gosto.
Yasu A.
Since when does being white = being bad? Do you think white people shouldn't exist and that being white means being inferior to other races? You should be proud of who you are because without being white, without being able-bodied, without being """"priviledged"""", you would never be you. Anything else is not who *you* are you that is something to be grateful over.
Brennan O.
No. It is just an act of acknowledging that you have such things in you/your life, and the fact that probably if you did not have them, life would be harder for you. It is a way of acknowledging how lucky you are and reminding you to make the most out if it everyday instead of taking these things for granted. I see it as an exercise of self-awareness
Tracy J.
No, you’re just appreciating what you have and what you are.

I would just watch out for too much pride or inflated ego. As long as you don’t think you are better than others I think being grateful for what you are and have is a good thing.

Katherine O.
No. I have MS and you should be grateful for your health every day. Being grateful for being white…well we are lucky to be born in the Western world. It makes you a grateful person, not a bad one.
Reno I.
It's not as simple as that. All things are situational. Be grateful and most of all be aware of what you have and don't but don't thinks it's bad or good or more or less then anyone else. Only different. All human experience is equal. You didn't choose any aspect of your body anymore than anyone did.
Being able bodied in wartime conscription is not so great. Being white and American (I'm just assuming as alot of this app are from USA) in Venezuela or many other countries is not considered a good things. It's all situational perspectives and how you deal with them.

As a mixed race Brit, I think it's whatever your define it to be. Your "bad" qualities are just as good as your "good" it all depends on everything else.

Carlos T.
No, especially not if you are acknowledging that these privileges are a matter of luck, and as long as you don't actively take advantage of these privileges.
Philip G.
Well it depends because if you show it off it can be bad but if you use the privilege and being humble about it or using the privilege to help others it can be a good thing
Stella O.
I think we should be lucky that we have privileges cause someone in the world might not be so lucky we just need to be grateful and blessed that we are lucky
Chloe E.
I think taking a look at the intention behind your gratefulness for your privileges might help you answer your own question. Is it because you’re glad you don’t have to deal with the things that come with being a minority or in poor health? Is being white and able bodied just easier and your glad for the relief of that or you’re truly glad because you yourself in some regard hold those things to mean it to make someone lesser?
In the end it’s only something you can truly answer for yourself and it’s always good to question motive behind your own feelings.
Mohamed F.
I don't think so. But being proud of it, I would think would be something not so good.

I am not white and don't have a six pack either.

Michael X.
This is a deep question. I want to say that being grateful for things one didn't earn must be good and honest. Taking those things unearned for granted, or worse, mistaking those unearned things as being deserved by oneself could be bad in that it leads to lack of empathy or arrogance. I guess a challenge could be maintaining such a positive outlook even when things are not going well.