Working Wife & Mom Syndrome: Of course being a mother is rewarding, but I feel like I’ve lost myself, in home and work, to the point where I can’t tell you what I’m grateful for other than being able to support my child and husband… any tips?

Vany J.
Been there. Life comes at you fast. I’ve literally taught myself to be grateful by looking at the opposite of what i was feeling at the time. If i was stressed i was glad to be able to feel my feelings. If i felt lonely i was glad to learn to enjoy my own company. If i was hungry .. i was glad to have provisions to feed myself and my family.

And i said it to myself internally and our kid. I also mdesignstong

Juan E.
Finding things to be grateful for is a skill of it's own. There are bigger things that might make someone out there jealous, like being healthy and not stuck in a bed/hospital, having a choice in your actions, having a home. Then there are smaller things that add up, like eating something you like, being comfortable, the smell of clean laundry. Noticing the little things that give a moment of happiness are as important as recognizing the bigger things that give us a meaningful life. I recommend you practice zooming in on a specific moment of the day and find something that made you happy, or something that could have been worse, and be thankful for it.
Honorato A.
Start small. Think of the things you have. Having a family and a husband is already something to be grateful for. Being able to work, to see, walk and to have food on your table. Having a home and money for traveling and doing things you like.

Think about the things you are fortunate to have.

Christoffer F.
Try to find tiny things that have nothing to do with your family you can include, like the smell of coffee, a favorite song coming up on shuffle, or a beautiful sunset. If you're really struggling, you may need to find ways to take more "me time" either alone or with friends without your husband and kids.
Ulda A.
Take ten minutes out each day to do something for yourself such as meditate or take a bath. You need a social life as well so invite friend round at least once a week for a tea and a chat it’s hard to lose yourself to the mum title so just reconnect with the passions you had before you became a mum maybe that’s swimming and reading so take twenty minutes at night to read a good book I recommend audible if you don’t have time to read it yourself
Calvin A.
I always reflect on my health first. I am thankful for just the ability to wake up andmove each morning. Sometimes, I take for granted the ability to get up out of bed.

Another thing I am grateful for is my pets. They bring me joy, even on down days.

Bri Z.
Thank you for reaching out! What I find helps me is focusing on the little things to be grateful for that's happened in the past 24hr instead of the big things. For instance: I'm so happy and grateful that my coffee tasted better than normal. I'm grateful my child said (blank) and it made me feel really good.

Finding the little things makes your mind more aware of what's going right. Best of luck to you! You doing great

Amber Z.
Look for the little things. Being grateful for the weather, crisp fresh air, something that made you smile or laugh. The key is in the detail. Also, if you feel a little lost, pehaps take up something that is just for you? A hobby, like knitting or gardening, sing in a choir or join a gym. Make time for yourself and for something you enjoy.
Vin F.
Start small and basic. Do you have fresh clean air where you live? Clean water to drink and quench your thirst on demand? Simple things like refrigerators, microwaves, socks, smartphone, that tv show you like. When I can't think of things to be grateful for or seemingly run out, I revert to these basic type things.