what are you greatful for in your life

Emma W.
Right now… I'm grateful for doing the yoga teacher training in Umeå, Sweden. I know in my heart it's the right thing to do.
Olivia C.
My education. I get to learn and experience new things everyday, even though middle school right now may not be the most .. free. My family. They are always there for me, even through fights and hard times. My friends. They support me as well, and make me laugh on my lowest days. My boyfriend. He seems he loves me in unexplainable ways. I love him. The roof above my head. I like being home and feeling safe. Being here in general. I like my life, despite the hard times and dislikeable moments. <3
Melvin O.
I'm greatful for the small but big things in life like:the food i eat, water, the fact that i wake up, have 2 ears and one mouth, and more