Tell me how to practice gratitude ?

Jeppe C.
Work hard, work good to help other people success. Thank you, Restaurant Manager, Chef. Thanks to the staff of Hutong PNT. Cooking for the staff to expressEd gratitude for them.

Suzanne Z.
When you wake up, look for the sun. If it’s not out, look for the clouds. Say thank you for the day. Get a gratitude journal and make a habit to write down 3 simple things you are thankful for each day. If you take a walk, enjoy the scenery and find something beautiful like a tree, a bird, a flower, a baby. Say thank you silently to yourself for the wonder of it all. Remember to be thankful for the bad things too. For they teach you lessons you might need to learn. Namaste.

Maritza Q.
Look at your life and ask yourself what was the most beautiful moment today? If you have 1 then you know you are blessed to see and feel those moments if not you have to try live otherwise… I begin my day with a laugh 😃

Clara C.
Today I practiced gratitude in the most raw form. I voiced it to Kayla and told her she could do anything she’d like in her career I am grateful for her, and want to show her my continuous support.

Sergei U.
Hello there
I think of everything that I'm really grateful for every day, small or big whatever it might be i write it down and give thanks for it.
I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day. I am grateful for my amazing health and vitality. I am grateful for coffee😄 I am grateful for my loving husband and our fur babies.
You see… everything that I can think of…. and feel grateful for in my heart goes on paper every day.
It simply helps focus our attention on gratitude .

Emirchelo Y.
Usually I do my credit to routine through a prayer but recently I saw information that says that writing down 10 things you're grateful for every single day on a Notebook helps a lot as well

Konrad X.
Well, my own gratitude ritual is just note what happend to my each day, no matter how good or bad is it. Every what happened to us is worthly to be celebrate.

Connor B.
I write down what I feel I was lucky in for that day. I start with 3 things and if I have more I list more. For today I am grateful for: 1)The beautiful 71 degree sunny weather.
2)For my beautiful son starting to mature into a responsible man.
3)For my job and my great coworkers.
I write these things in my Gratitude Book in the evening.

Douglas F.
Idk i just try and think of something im grateful for, then i write it down in a notebook. After a while you have a whole list of things to read through & be grateful for 🙂

Georgerenee W.
Everyday that passes I find something in my mind and physical realm to feel grateful for all the way down . To getting out of bed in the morning I say to myself with each foot place on the floor I say thank you for being alive. And when I turn my sink on I appreciate the running water and when I brush my teeth I enjoy each moment too and so I am grateful for each and every heartbeat and my respiratory system I never even have to think about it it’s just something that’s alway turn on keeping me alive .I do appreciate my life force and our planet earth as well. Namaste

Earl U.
Write down 3 things you are grateful for in a journal every day before going to bed. If you can't think of anything, it can be something that may seem insignificant. For example, "I'm grateful my roommate emptied the dishwasher."

Sally P.
I would start with small things, than branch out. Be grateful for the glass of water you get in the morning. The sun thats shining or even for the rain that is giving plants life. Once you're able to create gratitude for the objects try to create a gratitude for the life around those objects and yourself. Be grateful for you health, and stability. Be grateful to the mailman who delivers you package or the clerk who bags your grocery. Try to find something that brightens your day, even when at its worst and be thankful for it. Wishing you the best on your journey.

Farie F.
Say thank you from the heart, and not because you are used to saying it.
Write down what you are grateful for. It cam be 1 thing or 10 things. There is so much to be grateful for.

Susanna O.
I practice gratitude every day! when I wake up in the morning. When l eat my evening meal. I’m learning how to say l’m grateful by watching you tube and through embracing Buddhism. The path to enlightenment! There is so much to be grateful for. Namaste 😍🙏🏾😌

Avisa N.
Really think about the things you have or people you know and imagine yourself without them. And not about how bad you would feel if you didn’t have them or know them but about how much happier you are knowing/ having them.

Jes Q.
I practice gratitude by waking up and writing 3 things I'm grateful for. I set my list on my desk and I allow myself to return to it if I feel overwhelmed or down. It helps being me back to the positive things in my life. Sometime I tell the people or things I am grateful for that I am, just to show my gratitude and set that in motion to encourage others to do the same, and to show them what they mean to me.

Kxng O.
Gratitude is not really something that u practice gratitude is what we live in our everyday life from u were brought into this world still now u have to be grateful from u went to bed last night and woke up this morning gratitude gratitude is the key to life not complaining and just giving thanks for were you are and want u have this make the universe smile for like what's going now in the world with this covid so many have die many are sick and if your reading this now gratitude remember gratitude is the key to life

Manar B.
I focus on what I have. I remind myself of how valuable the "little things" are. The ability to see the light once I wake up in the morning, my ability to express myself and my ideas to others, my ability to listen to my favorite songs, my ability to breathe naturally.. all of these things that I would forget about when I go about my day, because they have always been there.. in a way I get so used to them that sometimes I would take them for granted. When I practice gratitude I remind myself of the amount of great blessings I have in my life. And I feel a sense of satisfaction and contentment. Alhamdolillah ❤️

Tannis A.
I have a gratitude journal and I write in it daily. I really feel that it has helped me in my journey to focus on all that I have in my life. When you are greatful it turns your thoughts to positive emotions rather than negative thus makes your heart feel happy

Laurie W.
Every night before bed I write in my journal three things that I was grateful for that day.
Some days it’s easy: people who love me, an uninterrupted lunch break, a Zumba class that cheered me up. But it’s not always easy to find the silver lining on a rough day (let alone three) but I concentrate to find even a small thing. Sometimes it’s trivial like a nice grilled cheese for lunch, sometimes it’s a little more profound like having my spouse understand my anxiety attack and helping me cope. There is always a positive you just have to look for it.

Vagrant B.
I like to immediately think about what I am lucky to have. What I know some people do not. I like to think about how precious it is to me and how i do deserve it.

Noah F.
Make sure to me grateful for the smallest things. Even if you think it’s stupid to celebrate that you skipped one Glas of champagne, just do it! Celebrate everything and than you will realize that you’ve done something amazing! Just be grateful for everything, imagine your life without something and you will see that it is something to be grateful for!

Mikaela R.
First, start by practicing telling yourself what you're thankful for in your life every day. I do this by writing it in a journal each night. Then use that new attitude to show appreciation to those around you.

Jay W.
Well the first thing is life i am grateful for life amd after that I just tell my self I will have a good day speak positivity and just watch how the day go good or bad still grateful

Nivaldo W.
To truly be grateful for something, first imagine you are in a senario where you are asked to give up everything you own. EVERYTHING. This will make you realize just how much it all means to you. We truly don't appreciate things until we do not have them anymore. Personal belongings as well as our family and friends.

Jade Z.
I guess I don't really practice it, I just remind myself or when I realize that I'm thankful for something I just say it to myself. If that makes sense. I need to practice it more

Marjolein I.
Think of 3 things that made you smile or feel happy today, your dog, the sun, lunch, playing a game, losing your balance trying a new exercise etc.

Bethany Q.
What are you grateful for?

I write down a list of things I am grateful for that day, or just in general. Some days I struggle, so I start by saying I am grateful that I have a roof over my head and food to feed myself.

Then I maybe say someone that you are grateful for. (I am grateful for my friend Claudia).

Something nice that happened during the day that you are grateful for.

Maybe you found some time to do something you enjoy if you had that during the day/week (I am grateful that I was able to meditate today).

If I am having a not so productive day, I am grateful I was able to take some time off.

I have done this a few times, and then when I am having low days, I can scroll through the list of things I am grateful for.