What changes do you notice yourself after you have been practicing being grateful for a while?

Dave E.
I am happier, more optimistic, make better choices, appreciate what I have, feel like what I have is enough, sleep better, worry less, smile more, notice more, focus on the good, see the silver linings!

Olivia P.
I became more calm, drank more water than ever before and also i started to reflect in myself that there are many reasons not to be stressful and to take the life easy. It made me aware that i should live in present and cherish the present moments that i create. I am really happy that there are a lot people that are on this journey together with me. Keep fighting and never back down, love yourself for who you are because theres no time to find perfection in this life. In the end of the day i see perfection when i look at myself and say every single day that : I CAN DO THIS. So nomatter where you are,know this that good things are about to come for us, keep the hope and peace within you and you will see that in life theres more in life than ever before.