How do I stay grateful during the day when life just seems so overwhelming?

Jennie X.
Count your blessings, it is a way that really let you feel fulfilled. Write everything you have, health, money, relationship, humor, everything you like about yourself or your life. Whenever you are greatful about what you have, no matter how small they are, they'll increase more and more,. When you are not greateful, even what you have will be taken from you
Nawaal F.
Remember, it's th little things in life that make it what it is. Maybe things aren't going well or maybe they are. Amidst the chaos of life the thing to remember is the blessings we have . So many people around us don't have parents , siblings, a family , a roof over their head , food to eat etc.for all these things that seem unimportant, be grateful. These are not to be taken for granted. And include that gratitude in your life. Thank your loved ones for the support and love they provide. And remember to always love yourself too💕