Can you be grateful to a person you don’t like?

Nihal N.
Yes, I can think about his /her true nature and understand that if he/she did annoying things to me (which is the cause of not liking him/her) it does not necessarily means that he/she did it intentionally. I understand that the person may have problems, so it is good to judge the person less. If this person helped me to grow more and Iearn something, I can be grateful to him/her.
Elizabeth S.
Absolutely! Some of the people I have not liked at all and viewed as enemies have actually done me the biggest favors by their actions… even if they didn’t intend to 🙂
Gotthard N.
Yes, you can. I’m grateful to a bully I had in college for teachings me how NOT to treat people. She also taught me to refuse that sort of disrespect from a person. I will always hate what she did to me, but I learned a valuable lesson on how to respect myself.
Gabriela P.
Yes. While you may not like that person as whole, it's unlikely that there isn't something teachable from them or appreciable. Even if it is as much as "I am grateful I have an example of how not to react in a situation."