How to know what to be grateful for

Cathy G.
Even on a bad day, there are probably loads of things to be grateful for. Is the air you breathe clean? Did you have some delicious food? Did you speak to someone you love? Watch some great tv or a film? Make someone you love happy? See a cute animal? Do you have a bed to sleep in? Are you warm enough? Cool enough? I hope you get the idea. Think of sensations, emotions and activities. There’s always something Рbreathing deeply, surviving again.
Alejandra T.
I guess a good way to know is to imagine not having certain things in life. How would it make you feel not to have them? What would you do without your friends, your roommate or your family? Or if you were lacking a limb? Or if you hadn't had access to education? That's a pretty good formula.
Wissam O.
Simply ask yourself : what did I not have to worry about today that a woman in an unsafe country, or a child in a war zone, or a man in a poor country might have been thinking about all day long?
Diane Z.
Try not to focus on things that are big or extravagant. Just the fact that you woke up this morning is something to be grateful for. Heck even installing the Fabulous app on your device!