Do you ever look back on the things you have written down that you are grateful for?

Diana G.
I wish i cud. Sometiems iam scared to look back thinking i wud get hurt again. Sometimes i just want to look back and reflect. It all depends.

Carol J.
Yes , and it is beautiful, it gives you hope for the future. .. It helps you to see that you are able to appreciate your experiences and see your growth . Thank you for reminding me to read my notes ..

Allen I.
Yes!!! I’ve gotten into the habit of writing one thing I am thankful for each day and why I’m thankful for it, and I love looking back at things I’ve written down. I feel like it motivates me to keep going on my journey of bettering myself because I really get to see how my mentality has changed from being negative and feeling frustrated with how my life is to now being able to see the bright side and feeling happier/thankful. I now find it a lot easier to think of things I’m grateful for.

Lydia Y.
yes, but i like to wait a little while, so i can see pages and pages of gratitude. it's a nice feeling to look back and see nothing but gratitude, and rather fulfilling 🙂

Megan O.
Yes. It helps me to maintain my gratitude but also help me to see what I might have outgrown. Looking back is fine as long as we can stay in a positive mindset and not ruminate on what we may have moved on from or moved on from us.

Clayton O.
Yes I do and I love it because I remember the reason for writing it and the feelings That accompanied it- it brings back good memories and reminds me to live by certain things

Emine U.
No. But I used to journal, I used to journal all my feelings and the events that went on during the day. However, now I want to journal differently. I want to write down things that went well during my day. I want to write down things I am grateful for. I want to write down things I can improve on with myself. All I’ve been doing is writing down all my complaints and challenges and not really doing anything about it.

Amanda R.
Only rarely. For me, writing down the things I’m grateful for is to help me get in the habit of recognizing those things when they occur during the day. It helps me be more mindful throughout the day and less prone to grumpiness or depression. The first week I stayed home to prevent community spread of COVID, I was overwhelmed and scared and sad a lot. Writing these lists each day has helped me shift my perspective and remember that there are a lot of things to be thankful for. There are many positive things happening right now in addition to the bad ones.

Melquisedeque Z.
Yes, only when I had a really bad day and can't find anything to be grateful. It helps me get into the right mind frame.

Michelle R.
Honestly, yes. I have diary and I started writing since 3 years ago until now, i remember I tried to read some of the things that I am grateful before but there are certain times that I feel hesitate to see was not a good feeling

Chris Z.
Not very often. I keep it in a Best Self journal. I rarely look back on them unless I'm feeling nostalgic. I think the act of writing it down is the exercise that's I'll jog your memory for things that make you feel grateful and that's the important thing.