How do you keep up with being grateful, even during tough times?

S A.
Try your best to practice listing the things you are grateful for at least twice a day (first thing and last thing works for me). Always include things you did well AND lessons from things that maybe didn't go so well (next steps or action points to improve and not repeat mistakes seems to help me so far).
Reviewing gratitude lists you wrote when you felt more positive helps (even if some of the entries make you feel a bit sad)
Remind yourself that nothing stays the same good or bad and that the world is not out to get you, even if it feels that way. That you are lucky to even be feeling bad and that things could always be worse (intense action movies or horror movies Hel remind me that I could be a Red Shirt (movie term -look it up) or chased by zombie robot aliens… Always makes me relieved to have my problems (lol)
Finally, writing little thank you notes to those who do small (or large) nice things for you helps with gratitude . It can be a text, card, note, meme, anything with a little personal touch but something physical really makes the act stand out

Magdalena X.
I remember those tough times and when I look back at these situations I am really greateful for where I am now, I would say the tough times give us the most important lessons of gratitude.

Nqobii A.
To be honest, it's not easy to find something to be grateful for when you are going through a rough patch but you need to try to find somethings that are small or even unnoticeable to be grateful for. Being grateful about something it's not finding big,seen things. You can be grateful for trees around your house, your TV, your favorite plate, your morning tea or your life. Just keep it simple.

Laurie Z.
I take a walk in the woods, take some deep breaths, and smell the fresh air. I listen to the birds and am grateful for this time with my family, the sunshine, our health, and all of our blessings. Even though we do not like working remotely, we are grateful to still have jobs and a paycheck.

Benjamin Z.
I look back at all the things I did in my life and remember all my friends and family and what I would like to be grateful for. If you can look back you'll notice there are many things you can be grateful for in your life. Just remember: every note you take is another big step to achieve happiness even in the darkest times.

Lori W.
I try to bring it back to the basics and think about things I take for grantite that other people don't have. Starting with food, clothing and shelter. Even if I don't have much. I think about my body and how I have arms and legs, I can walk and move. I have water I can drink. Then I think about people in my life that are important to me and how grateful that I have them. I don't always feel grateful when I start, but the majority of the time, as I write, I start to feel it. Sometimes I don't but I keep trying anyway. I made up a game with a friend many years ago to go through the alphabet and come up with something grateful starting with each letter. It really makes you think. It may not take away the pain or sadness or stress, yet it helps to get perspective rather than sink into despair or something else that is not where you want to be in your life.

Leslie U.
For me to be grateful during such tough times. I think of the little things I’ve completed throughout the day or what made my day. How did this moment feel euphoric or what did you do to get to this moment. Being the way I am sometimes I feel the sadness but, when journaling what I am grateful throughout the day I remember no more of my somber mood. Some days I learned to cook something new that I could never do. I tried some new art thing that I self doubted myself about. I did work that i thought I’d be easily distracted. Simplicity can go a long way.

Rae F.
Being grateful has taught me that I have more positive going on in my life than negative. I was too busy focusing on what was going wrong that when things went well I didn’t notice it. It makes me happy and puts a smile on my face when I recognize the good that’s happening in my life. So in order to keep smiling, I make sure I be grateful.

Samantha N.
No matter how hard times may be, there are always things to be grateful for. You need to dig deep and even the littlest things can get you started. Just stating things you’re grateful for not only makes you realize you have a lot to be grateful for, it changes the way you think and often throughout the day you become more aware of things you are grateful for. Start with the little things such as having a good nights rest or getting a good exercise in and your thoughts will continue from there!

Alina O.
I just note all the things I've managed to accomplish that day. For example, I managed to wake up on time, I did yoga in the morning, I made a tasty cup of coffee which I savoured. I talked with my mum.

For all those accomplishments I'm thankful.

Emile Q.
In the morning when i wake up, i start my day with this app, fabulous. And one of my morning routine now includes writing down 3 grateful things in life and feel grateful about them. This really helps me to remind me of things i can still be grateful for.