What was your best achievement today? (TIP: it doesn’t matter how small it is).

Jesse T.
I completed a very big paint commission today! I am very excited to say that I love it & so does the customer who commissioned me for the painting! I will be making money from this as well, so it is a step forward in a direction I would like to go towards!

Just N.
I wanted to stay in bed today and just lay down until i had to shower to go to work but I forced myself to get up. I have meditated and ate a good breakfast and drank water to start my usual routine.

Russell P.
Sticking to a tough yoga class and meditating even though my brain kept on focusing on people i shouldnt be thinking about

Lesi N.
My best achievement is honestly flossing, brushing my teeth and washing my face with my skincare regime. I have done it 31 days in a row! I do not remember ever being this consistent with self care/self hygiene and now I’m starting to put on makeup and do my hair differently! 🥰

Ng F.
Persistent in finishing the task of video editing. Controlling good EQ to maintain good relationship with wife. Get better in communication between us

Mia F.
I woke up and I didn’t forgot to drink my glass of morning water. I always feel more energetic and charged with full of power after like 10 minutes.

Aket E.
I went to the grocery story shopping, although it makes me feel super anxious to go shopping nowadays as the global vibe is really negatively strong. And I made it! Without getting upset or anxious too much✌🏼

Natalie J.
My best achievement today was Getting stuff ready the night before for the following day. It made me feel like I was set up for tomorrow to be successful.

Jo P.
Going for a walk with my son even though I didn’t feel like it. I was glad I went because we had some great conversation and the fresh air felt amazing.