What are some tips for remaining grateful on really dark days?

Same W.
I feel grateful for being healthy, me and my family, I have a home, I have electricity, I have internet, I have a comfortable and warm bed, I have much food to eat for the next month, I have warm water to have a bath everyday, I have notebooks to journal everyday!!!

Kristina Z.
On my darkest day it’s hard to be positive but you can never negate a fact even when you’re sad. I say things like thank you that I can breath, see, hear, walk, speak. I keep it basic but still very impertinent bc well it is a blessing and gift to have your 5 senses. So when things are dark and you can’t say “i love my life today” you can still say “I’m alive and I’m grateful to be”

Hillary S.
Remind yourself of the good things even if they're very simple. Think of a pet or person you love (or even better, spend time with them!), or if you dont have a person or pet to think of, think of beautiful things in the world that make you smile or things that you would love to change to make the world a better place. If you really dont have energy even just looking at funny and cute things online can help relax your mind.

Maya L.
outline your own accomplishments. find ways to be grateful for what got you there. do something you love to do to help you find inspiration. exercising gives you time to think and reflect on things in your life. it helps you gain a better mindset in general.

Morgen N.
I recently heard great advise on reframing responsibilities as things we “get to” do instead of “have to” do. It doesn’t need to be something big, every little moment and activity including observations count as experiences we get to witness.

Holly Monster N.
Put a notebook by your bed. When you wake up, and before you go to sleep, look around your room, and find three things that you are very grateful to have, and write them down. A pet, a jacket, shoes, family, friends, curtains, light, a bed, food. Love your surroundings, and you will feel better.💙

Martin Y.
Just pick up the book and pen. Think about the really small things you have that many aren’t so lucky to have. Eg hot running water. A warm bed. Being able to use this app.

There’s so much in the small things even when things may be hard. Force yourself to go there If you need to.

Eventually you will see it in the small things everywhere you go. And it’s so amazing! 🙂

Wenke X.
Just think of something little to be grateful for from a cup of coffee to an extra moments or yourself. Be grateful for something as simple as being able to breathe or having the right o vote or having freedom in the U.S. there is always something to be grateful for no matter what the cimcumstance is

Pragya W.
I have a really good life. I have really come a long way from what I was before. And that I have done through my own merit. I have really put in a great effort and I may not be able to see it and compare myself to others, but I do a really great job and learn great things to make myself better in not just materialistic aspects but also in terms of virtue.

Tilde C.
Think about generical things if you are not really feeling grateful. Saying for example I am grateful for being alive or I am grateful for waking up this morning so it gets you in the right state of mind.

Rachel P.
'The darkest hour is just before dawn'. It can be so hard to see the silver linings on a really cloudy day. But you have to trust that they are still there. To remain grateful on dark days, I have faith that the clouds will clear and the sun will shine, as it has before, and it will again. Reflecting on the things that you, even when it feels like you have nothing, will always bring positivity.

Sophie J.
A tip to staying grateful on really dark days is to try to find the lesson or silver lining in those moments, to figure what that moment is trying to teach us. There's always a silver lining in every cloudy situation. And as always, practice makes perfect. Once you have worked on the habit of being grateful, it becomes second nature.

Karla G.
We all have dark times. If it weren't for pain we wouldn't know joy. I know it's hard to fight when you feel low, so don't. Yes that's right. Don't. Rest, instead. Give yourself water. Think about the gift it is to be able to choose to do anything you want. Realize that communication is vital on those days. We're meant to help one another through those hard times. If you need love, ask for it. Love will find you. Also, it's OK not to be OK. Again, pain makes us grateful for the joyful times. Nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. You're so powerful and you can get through this. ♡

Brianne N.
I try to focus on the little thing so that are in my control and be grateful for something, no matter how insignificant, on a daily basis.

Mariah S.
there are never any dark days where everything you were grateful for prior, completely goes away. for every reason you seem to be having a dark day remember at least 2 things to be grateful for. even if you must draw back on what you are grateful for yesterday or what is good to come tomorrow.

Cassidy W.
Observe everything around you and remember some people have a lot less. Learn to appreciate the small things in life. The little gratitude's like a warm meal. A nice warm bed to rest in. A house and roof over your head. Family and friends. An animal that makes you smile or keeps you company on your most lonely of days. A spouse or partner who is always there on those dark days. Not with judgement but with only love and compassion.

Kyoko G.
Because of these really dark days, I can be much more grateful. I thank essential workers, people who work in hospitals, and who developed communication technologies like WhatsApp, Skype, and Zoom. I appreciate myself at least healthy enough to use Fabulous!

Teresa U.
Sit alone and think about your day. What made it good enough that you’re still here? Who did you talk to that made you feel better? What did you try to do to make the day better? If you didn’t try to make the day better think about what how you could’ve made it a good day.

Jacky O.
It's really hard. Search deep into your heart and soul and know that there is always something to be grateful for in life.

Enrique O.
Thinking of the joy my girls bring to my life every day. The love I receive from my wider family, immediate family and my adoring husband.

I have pushed through many dark days in my life and I have always emerged stronger, wiser and treated myself with compassion.

I am a unique, loving, caring, generous and kind woman. I am strong. I am loved and I am truly blessed 🥰

Illu N.
Here is what brain research says will make you happy :
-Ask “ what I am grateful for ? No answer? Doesn’t matter. Just searching helps!
-Label those negative emotions. Give it a name and your brain is not so bothered with it.
-Decide. Go for “good enough” instead of ‘best decision ever made on Earth’.
-Hugs, hugs,hugs. Don’t text -touch.

Jennifer R.
Even when you feel like you have the worst life because of your mental health or whatever is going on in your life remember to think about everyone in your life that cares and loves you. And be grateful that they are in your life. Maybe show your gratitude with a letter or text telling them why you are grateful for them 🙂

Vipasha G.
I think to constantly remind yourself about all the good and beautiful memories can help alot.
Also imagine great future for your self and live that moment as it is happening right now and in advance be greatful for that fills you with hope and positivity to deal with current circumstances.

Mathias C.
Not sure. Good question. Staying positive. Looking for and being present to smallest things that went well, regardless, and being grateful for them. Noticing people who are around you and being grateful for that…

Amber J.
Wow. This is a tough one. I think on the dark days your inner thoughts are probably playing devil's advocate more than anything. Probably a lot of outside forces are at work as well, so you need to make your inner self your friend again. You need to listen to your inner confidence and appreciate your inner voice and feel right and what you're thinking even though the rest of the world around you is making things really dark. And just rest in that gratefulness for all that you have, all that you believe in, and all the people you have supporting you. And don't let that dark outer force rule the inner corners of your mind