Which things can I be thankful for?

Andrea N.
Your family, your friends, your job, the food you eat, the air you breathe, the sun on your skin. You can be thankful for a lot of things we tend to perceive as unimportant
For me, I realize my GRATITUDE to this app, it helps us to develope , getting rid of some old habits + developing new , healthy habits.
I AM GRATEFUL for the small amount of positive family members in my life.
Living situation; roof, heat, etc.
Some of the medical profession
The list goes on + on…👼's, 👣 prayer
Lindsay C.
I am grateful that I feel safe in my usual surroundings and that I feel loved. I am grateful to be in recovery and not actively using. I am grateful that I have a few people who will listen to me and not judge me. I am grateful for the Insight I have to reflect on my own intentions and values vs. My actual actions.
Jasmine Y.
Look at everything you interact with. Humble yourself and remember that we are always learning through life. Things can always be worse and we should continue to work for progress and improvement.