I usually don’t stay all the time that the app offer for gratitude, is that fine?

Andreo P.
Same for me. But I guess the idea is just to create a space where you can really think about your day. If you can come up with several things in a shorter time and already feel happy about it, I don't think you have to do it the entire 10 minutes. Maybe one suggestion is that after collecting the things you are grateful for, take 1-2 minutes to think about how these positive things really make you feel very positive before you end the session.
Alhamdulillah4 Everything N.
Alhamdulillah ! There are things to be most grateful for which include a sound mind, functional body parts, another opportunity to strive in a better way, your loved ones near and far, food in the cabinets/fridge, a roof over your head, and safety through the night til the morning! There’s so much. Reflect on these and some more and praise Allah because He’s the only one worthy of worship in truth for these things and some more!
Emma T.
Yes that is totally fine! I usually don’t, either. The point is that you get it done and that YOU feel satisfied with the time YOU put in.