Why are you grateful?

Elia Z.
I'm grateful because one day everything I have oukd be gone the next day and it's better to take advantage and be grateful for what you have. Asking for more gets you nothing but becoming rude
Gordon P.
Today i am so grateful because i can fully concentrate in my studyies and finish my homework on the time.I am doing better day by day.I get good food today and grateful for that.
Jean E.
I am greatful because I have things that many people cannot afford, things that they need, but can’t, I have everything i need and when I need it- I’m greatful for that.
Mariella Z.
I try to remember that even the moments of my life that I hate, that I thought I would never get through have taught me something. Sometimes it took years to see what it was and sometimes when I’m having a bad day I still feel sorry for myself but I don’t think that being grateful means you have to be happy and positive all the time. It’s ok to feel something with a negative emotion but just not to carry the emotion for longer than is needed
Aimara E.
Gratefulness is useful for cultivating happiness. Tke Kurzgesagt video on loneliness provides evidence that the Fabulous exercise significantly rises satisfaction from life.
Mrs Z.
For willing to better myself. For working on myself and creating a better version of myself. For my family to trust me with their decision making
Gordon U.
امروز سه هفته شد که هر روز ورزش کردم، و فکر میکنم این عادت ورزش کردن رو بعد از سالها کسب کردم. خدایا شکرت چون خانواده آرومی دارم، سالم هستم و میتونم به دیگر افراد کمک کنم.
Nikolaj C.
Bersyukur karena masih bernafas dan masih di berikan cobaan yang rumit:) bersyukur masih di kasih waktu untuk terus memperbaiki diri dan bersyukur
Janus Z.
I always grateful for everything happened in my life because i value time and situation, that two thing would never happened twice. And i believe everything happened is for a reasons. And of course to help me to be a better person in the future. Grateful is not just about value the time but is about valuation myself. Value myself for being able to get through all the situations I've been through.
Ares G N.
I am greatful for the opportunity of a new day everyday. Being alive is a great gift. I am also thankful for my family, my friends, my work, and all the wonderful people who make my world a better place.
Viviana F.
I'm grateful because I can help others who need it , specially defenseless animals. I'm grateful that I can gather the courage to ask for help when I need it. I'm grateful for having compassion and taking action. I'm grateful that my family and loved ones are safe and healthy. I am grateful to have a home and basic needs.
Larry Y.
That I woke up and was able to go on a hike and not give up. That I'm pushing myself to go to school and stay on task. I'm thankful for the weather.
Branca E.
Sou grata por estar no grupo das pessoas privilegiadas no mundo – tenho uma casa onde morar, dinheiro para me alimentar com o que quiser e ainda me sobra dinheiro para coisas extra que me que me interessem, tenho 2 filhos saudáveis, a restante família que sempre me apoiou e está lá, gosto do trabalho que faço, em que ajudo diariamente pessoas, tenho bons amigos , nunca tive problemas de saúde maiores.
Kim U.
I am grateful because I know that whatever I have at the moment, some people couldn't even dream of. Sometimes, I am also grateful because I feel guilty about those people and so I decide to enjoy whatever I have because I know some people will never have that.
Julia F.
I can be! I sometimes tend to be grouchy and bullheaded. Ask my Children and my ex husband, and even my boyfriend! But through the years I have mellowed and look for the best in things. I see people stressed and irritated with everything thing in their life… Why? They have everything thing they need to be happy and healthy yet they look for things to stress about. I feel thankful that I have out grow my dissatisfaction and learn to appreciate the tiny things like the sun reflecting through a crystal and making beautiful little rainbows on my wall! I take the time to be happy and even touch the crystals and watch the happy little rainbows dance along the interior of my space! Such a small thing makes me so happy! Why because I choose to take that few moments to enjoy it! I have done this long before I ever heard of The Fabulous! There are many little thing through out my day that I try to enjoy beacause…I can!
Sia N.
Grateful for SM. For all the flowing love I feel towards Jordan, Amelia, Hayden and Garth.
I’m grateful for Tetkino 💕 I send all my loving and healing energy towards him. May he learn as he is supposed to 💞
I’m grateful for Kris, as she’s doing the best she can with what she knows. I’m grateful for Teta and I’ll learn to be more patient with others.
I’m grateful for Mami ❤️ I love her so much!
I’m grateful for Sanjita! I love her to the moon and. back.
Im grateful that I live in Canada 🍁 and I got this!

Much love 💗

Maggie P.
I am grateful that I have life in me… each day my senses allow me to enjoy the beauty of our planet, the connections with loved ones, the little and big wins in life, the warmth of the sun, hear the breeze rustle the leaves, see the glisten of the ocean, read books that were only once ideas in someone's mind….
Nickayla A.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to expand myself and to be my own person. I'm grateful that I have the drive and motivation. I'm also grateful to those that pushed me into doing this and becoming a better version of myself
Grace U.
There’s a lot of people that don’t have what I have. I have family, friends, shelter, food, devices, that some kids don’t have.
Natarsha N.
I am grateful as I have a many great wonderful things in my life, as well as the bad. While positivity is important, sometimes it's hard to manifest. Gracefulness helps me see the world (in particular mine) through another lens, that helps me see the good out there.
Lydia J.
I'm grateful for where I am in life, where I will be going and that I'm able to provide for myself no matter where or what I do.
G Lsen S.
I am grateful for clarity and hearing a friend's life story today. It was nice to listen to someone else and get away from focusing too much on my life.
Marciele Q.
I am grateful because I know that when I stop to think about all the things I am lucky to have received in life, it makes my worries seem proportionally smaller and I feel better about life overall. What you focus your attention on becomes bigger in your mind, but it takes practice to regularly remind yourself to be grateful until the habit is built
Isaiah R.
Because there are a lot of things that I have that other people not. And the fact that nothing in life is certain, yet I am able to continue living and breathing as I am. Not everyone gets a chance to wake up every day or experience the things I experience on a day to day basis. I also get to experience basic necessities like food to eat, clothes to wear, and a bed to sleep in every single day and night. And I'm grateful that I have these things and I value them because there are those without it. I am also grateful for my family and my parents. They've taught me so many things that's made me into the person I am today. They also gave me the freedom to become my own person and apply my own values and morals and ideals with the things they've taught me and the way they've let me learn from them by example.
Lizzel N.
For everything good. A beutiful bird outside, the first sip of good morning coffee, a plant that grown a flower after i watered it for monthes, a friend or a family member. Everything aroumd me is a thing to be greadful for.
Enrico Y.
I am grateful because I have a great life and need to know that I should not take this for granted. I know this is my only go at life and I would like to make the most of it! I need to let myself know when I am feeling stressed or just not appreciating everything, that not everyone has the opportunities I have, the lifestyle I have, or the family I have.
Isolde E.
I am grateful for an opportunity to revisit something that I had to stop prematurely. It feels like I have a fresh start.
Ylenia Z.
I’m grateful for my family and friends,, they are unique! Then,, I’m grateful for who I became,, the goal I reached and the woman I will evolve into if I continue in this way.
Tanika Q.
Because I see change in my life everyday. I see the effects of the work that I do improve my life and it flows outward to everything I touch.
Sue N.
I a grateful for my living conditions which give me comfort and a make me feel secure.? I am grateful for my family and every act of kindness that comes my way. Any efficient person is kind to me by enabling me to reach my goal (it can be the baker that made the slice of bread I enjoy for breakfast). I am grateful for the shining sun without too much heat, the song of birds and my noise canceling earphones when my neighbors are noisy. And I am grateful to my body fir uts strength and myself for showing up and looking for growth every day
Julie C.
Iam grateful because what i have made me the person iam today. Without everything i don't know if id like the person i would have become.
E N.
I’m grateful that I have a nice place to go for the next few days, that my family snd friends are safe and I have a job that supports me.
Rebecca X.
Because i have everything i need , i want. Because i have amazing parents, bf , siblings. Because im healthy and i have a nice body and functional organs. Because i have a roof over my head , money, food , water , clothes .
Jessy Z.
Because I feel alright and safe and I have everything I need to be ok. I'm grateful for being alive and being able to say that.
Priscilla Z.
I am grateful because of all the people I have somehow happened upon who have been so supportive of my development and time. Without them, I would never have been able to realize how much I am capable of being loved and appreciated.
Bobby P.
I have many great friends and family as well as a roof over my head and food on my table. I also have accomplished a lot this week and exciting plans for the spring and summer.
Aleksandra C.
I am grateful that I begin to feel good about myself. Even if I don't follow through everything, I’ve stopped eating myself up for that. Also, I started noticing when I do smth good.
Gantai T.
I am passing my toxic relationship. I understand every bad thing which are happened. I was blind on that moment. Trying to be happy on present time. This app help me how I motivate my self
Anasha X.
with out showing gratitude, you can’t get any where in life, you will become spoiled and rude. I’m grateful for everything because there are many people in the world who are suffering and are wishing to be in my spot, no matter what happens there is always someone wishing to be you. Ones trash is another person’s treasure.
Melissa C.
i am grateful for the smiles i see on the faces of the disabled children i work with. if they can laugh and smile, i definitely should try harder to.
Sean N.
It helps me to have a positive outlook. This also makes my relationships with others more positive, if I spend more time in a grateful mental state.
Amalie P.
They're more people poorer than me (health, money, mental, etc) but they're more grateful than me. I feel bad, and choose to be more grateful. (Sorry for my English. It's not my main language)
Chai N.
i’m grateful for so many things. I am grateful because so many people take so many things for granted. You never know what you have until you don’t have it anymore.. unless you make a point to recognize your opportunities and privileges and such.
Koen S.
It's like I'm more connected with world, when I'm gratefull. It gives me more breath and joy.
And so I focus myself more at the good things I meer.
Vivan F.
Because I can. Because I know, despite all the hard, dark and scarry things, I have beautiful, shiny and delightful things as well. My body is not the healthiest, and my mind is note even close to this, but I can walk. Move. I can do lots of things on my own. I can read, sing, imagine. I can admire the sky, the trees, my cats playing together. I can drink coffee and I love it. My mind is sick, but I still can take care of it. I can be merciful with it, and help it healing the most it can. I can make my life lighter. Brighter. I still can love myself, nurse myself. I still can see the good side. And this is why I'm grateful. And being grateful will help me to do all these things that will make me feel more grateful, and then I'm in a good circle.
My apologies bout any mistake, I'm brazilian hahaha
Iwona E.
I'm grateful for all the small things in life because if we are only grateful for the little things them life seems to be more fun than ever
Artem X.
Im grateful for my courage mostly. When i do something that im not used to do. And usually im grateful for my coaches and ppl that make products that i use
Stello G.
I am grateful because I have this tool and other tools to manage my autism and mental illnesses. Being grateful helps me see clearly and feel happy
Chikita Y.
I am grateful because I still get my job in this pandemic, although I have to spend much more than before covid-19, but I'm still grateful that I can buy what I want although not that much.
Baillie F.
Because being Grateful helps me feel at peace. It makes me think of all the blessings that I have in my life and all the opportunities I take for granted.
Katheryn N.
im grateful for the people who support me in my life ive been having a hard time recenfly so sometimes talking to prople makes me happu
Donna J.
Because without gratitude, we live in ignorance of ourselves and our surroundings. Without gratitude, we fail to appreciate the little things in life, the important things: such as the way that coffee smells, the sharpness of colour in those flowers, the way nature falls so perfectly, that one person's smile, ourselves. Without gratitude, we aren't living, but only existing without love.
Sean N.
I’m grateful for waking up everyday and having the chance to be a better man everyday as well. My family and everyone in my personal circle has been there for me and i’m truly grateful for that
Laura S.
I am grateful for Gods forgiveness, the abilities that I have, my two little boys Domminnick and Noah, my jobs, my mother, this App.And much more.
Anatol T.
I am grateful for my family. They have sacrificed so much for me and I am so happy that I get to have a family. They fill me up with so much joy. They provide a roof and food for me and give me their love. I will forever be grateful
Am S O.
I am starting to realize that there is more to life than our superficial way of living. There is a whole new meaning to the world around us if only we take a closer look. When the sun comes up in the morning, the rays leaking through my window as it envelopes me in its warmth, waking the world, or when sunset falls, and the night sky is covered with tiny bright dots we call stars, I am, and would forever be fascinated by creation and its ways of making little things marvellous.
J Lia S.
Being alive, healthy, at peace, having a job that I like, for my fiance, my family, my friends, our home, the city I live in, being able to have cultural experiences and traveling, for being able to do sports and eat healthy, for reading… The list goes on and on
Alicja O.
I am grateful to be living in New Zealand where I feel safe and happy living my life. Last week I was stuck in my house isolating and I couldn't help thinking how grateful I was to have a home with enough food, power, internet,etc that all I had to worry about was getting better and looking after my 2 year old. I can go to sleep knowing I will be safe and no harm will come to my loved ones. I will never take that for granted.
Joshua C.
I am grateful because i know t keeps the things closes to me closer. It’ll keep me motivated and focused on the great things around me and helpful people who have been there when no-one else would.
Gir O Q.
I am grateful because I surround myself with a such great people and enjoy everything that I do; even small everyday activities
Manga Z.
For every single positive thing that happens in my day, I am grateful because I know I don't own them and that they can change at any time. Talking about health, the achievement of something I planed, still having the persons I love alive…
I've lost enough in 2020 to see how much all details count.
Guy U.
my relationship with Jesus, not many people have grown up with the influence of him around them. i’m grateful for that. i’m also grateful i have a good family. some people aren’t blessed with an amazing family like mine.
Dhanashri G.
I am grateful for what I doing and not doing procrastination of things and loving my life and family that more I have to do and at a one step again to love myself
Cam T.
I'm grateful for being given the opportunities I have been. We take so many things for granted. But I'm here experiencing life and for that I'm grateful
Ilan E.
Because i wake up in the morning, because i can walk on my to legs, because it is a privilege to be alive and you don’t know if you will be here tomorrow so go and make the best out of the time you have. Going around and not being grateful for life or going around being sour at other people is a big waste of time. Get the best of your time now while you can, we might not be here tomorrow!
Kenneth C.
I’m grateful for everything. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head every night because some people struggle with that. I’m grateful to have my family, and my own family because family means everything to me.
Megan C.
I am grateful for my healthy body. I am grateful for my loving partner, family, friends, and pets. I am grateful for my job. I am grateful for my financial security, I am grateful to be working on improving my mental health.
Malika F.
Because I enjoy what I have now. Things could be much more worse. Even when times are tough, there is always a way that works out.
Hilmar P.
I am grateful because I have opportunities that many do not. I have the ability to go to work every day. I have a house to come home to, with people in it who care about me. I have pets who are happy to see me when I come home. I have a car I can call my own and take anywhere. I am grateful to be alive and present. I just need to learn to live in the present.
Peter U.
I'm grateful because without being grateful you don't appreciate what you have and you treat everything like it's nothing which isn't ok. That's why I'm so grateful.
Aoife Z.
I know I have my own problems and insecurity’s but hearing story’s from the people around me like family members and close friends I have learned to be grateful for smaller things like being able to do an online course, being able to be close and open with my parents and be emotional with them.
Mayday R.
I am grateful because i have many things to be grateful and thankful about. I dont want to take things for granted when I've lost some things to that.
Ruth O.
We have so much so many people don't have. We have a great support network. The only people we need.
When hundreds of thousands of people have died around the world, we are so lucky we still have everyone. Be grateful for the time you have with nanny and nandad.
Lisa N.
I’m grateful because I’ve survived Covid once before and although I’m suffering again now, I have some strategies to curb my fear and keep me connected with others. I’ve still got my family, home, beautiful comforting things and a cosy bed to enjoy, regardless of whether I feel physically well or unwell. I feel grateful for my gift and passion to support children – being welcomed into their homes and lives in such a positive way. I’m grateful for fresh flowers that bring so much joy and beauty (and the fragrance of the eucalyptus!) into my home. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep. I’m grateful for celebrations that allow us to appreciate something in a more mindful way.
Mariana Z.
Because I have my family with me, they’re healthy and I am as well. I have too many blessings in my life, I am a very lucky person. I’m very grateful for everything that I have.
Shana Q.
Im grateful for my health. For my job. For my apartment. For my loved ones. For making it work. For my work ethic. For my growth. For my persistence
Yanis F.
I am grateful for the chance every day to start again. I backtrack & lose progress very often, but every morning I feel able to change my outlook again.
Alexandria P.
I’m grateful because my life could be so much worse than what it is or has been. I’m so very lucky to have the family, friends and parents that I do. I’m so grateful to have found my soulmate and marry him and already have a 10 year amazing, loving relationship. People search their whole lives for love and I’m blessed to have found the love of my life early and build the most beautiful deep and tender love I could have ever asked for ❤️
Allison G.
So an obvious answer that pops up straight into my mind is: Family, friends, clothing, shelter and stuff but when I think more deeply, I think of : Carpet, cars, computers, cats ( why do they all start with “c” lol) my bed, iPad, nature, and way more then I can name!
Monica P.
I am grateful that my life is turning around for the greater good l. I finally feel peace and joy in my heart. It’s so much happiness and joy that comes with each and everyday no matter what may try to bring me down. I am grateful for my life and all the lessons that I have learned from so far.
Alfred Z.
I am grateful for that I know Jesus, that he gave me my life, that I was given a family, friends, food, shelter and somewhat good health. Though I must admit there are people with worse health then me..so I am grateful I don't have it that way, but I hope they can be blessed and given plenty of health.
Druso O.
I am grateful for a lot of things. I am grateful for my lite one both of my SOs and how they can help me grow. I am also grateful for the support that I have around me.
Tiffany P.
I have a roof over my head, and I have two kids who are relatively healthy. I have my parents with me. And I have amazing friends.
Hector C.
Estou grata por viver, ter uma casa, ter ainda uma família embora tenha ocorrido imensas mortes… Estou grata por me esforçar e começar a perder peso. Estou grata por ter a vida que tenho embora o futuro me preocupe.
Estou grata pelo mundo que tem de ser melhorado pois nós humanos estragamos mais um pouco todos os dias mas ele ainda me dá tudo o que preciso. Estou grata por ser saudável e não ter problemas de saúde. Estou grata.
Mama F.
The feeling of gratitude is up there with second chances, a new light shines through when I close my eyes. It's the reason behind the why feeling.
Nina Z.
I am grateful for my life. For having the opportunity to grow and evolve each day, becoming stronger and stronger. I am grateful for everything that I have, and everything that I have been through, since it made me who I am today.
Kylie E.
Because nothing should be taken for granted. Entitlement is the enemy of growth and the friend of ignorance. I want to continue to continue to grow and stay open-minded
Antonella A.
Most of the times, Im always suffering because I think Im not truly satisfied with what I have, who I am or the pathway to who I wanna be. However, I've analyzed that I suffer because of the lack of gratitude I have. Once, I truly wanted to work as a trainee in a prestigious multinational company and I did a great reclutation process that got me in. However, the tasks that I had to do, didnt like me very much and I wasnt satisfied. But I got in, and I should be happy and proud. That is why, I started giving thanks mentally each day in my lunch time before eating. Not only to bless my food, but also to linger on the present moment a little longer because I knew the trainee contract will be over. The results were amazing and I even stopped feeling the need to quit or the frustration. By this, I just wanted to say that gratitude helps us valorate the good besides the bad stuff. Nowadays, Im grateful for my family, our health, and that they are all alive.
Andrea O.
I am Grateful, because no matter what happens today, atleast I have a lovely family and supportive sisters. I am thankful for everyone and everything that happened so far. Life is short, and I'm grateful for the universe for giving me another day, to work and spend time with my loved ones. After all, life is all about this, I guess.
Ezio P.
I am grateful because I have things and relationships with people that so many people don't have. I am grateful that I have the time spent with my family because it teaches me more about them and how to communities and interact with them differently. I am also learning how to communicate and interact with others like an adult. I am grateful I get the experiences and chances that I do
Ernest P.
I am grateful to be born in a country of such diversity, in people, cuisine and culture. A graceful climate with harsh periods, much life and mercy. Bounties beyond belief , a land who's air is free and dictates life. I'm greateful to witness, to taste to fell this life, to be part of it.
Jeni O.
Yesterday the sun was shining and I stood on the top of a hill, looking at the beautiful countryside I live in, and just breathed. I'm so grateful to be here, to be able to experience beauty, to see spring budding in the trees, and to be well enough to see that, and to enjoy it.
Annea C.
Having a roof over my head
My best friends, who always understand me but do not hesitate to call me out when I'm behaving badly
My dad who always works as hard as possible, no matter how exhausting
Shawn J.
I am grateful, because I am privileged enough to be able to ask myself this question. I am grateful, because I have so many options to fall back on, even if I fail completely at what I do right now. I am grateful, because I can breathe and fall asleep without wondering wheter or not I will survive tomorrow. I am grateful, because I know who I am and I'm grateful for the journey that brought me to this point. I am grateful for the pain I feel, because it tells me I'm human and that I care and if there's one thing I want, it's to be a caring person. I am grateful for the words I can use to express myself. And I am grateful for the people who listen.
Aleksandra S.
I'm grateful for me, that I learn to take care of myself, that I build habits, that I meditate, that I stick to routines. I'm being grateful for doing everything that improves the quality of my life. Even little things.
Cl O W.
I'm grateful that my energy is returning and that I am able to get things cleaned around my house.
I am grateful for my older brother who is helping me sell my house.
Michelle N.
I am grateful for waking up not everyone gets to do that today. I am grateful for my health. For the successful mess of my children. They have way better lives then I do and that’s what a mom hopes for. I am grateful I can pay my bills and still have some fun now and then. I am grateful that I lie here in bed listening to the birds outside my window. And I am grateful for coffee
Bianca N.
I'm grateful for finding my energy after this. Even in the darkest tunnels I can always choose to look in the direction of the light at the end of them.
Rosalinde U.
I am grateful because there are so many things in my life that I take advantage of each day, usually without realizing it. I feel grateful for my family, friends, a warm home, food, clean water, nature, and music.
Claude Q.
I am grateful because gratitude puts it into perspective exactly how fulfilling and complete my life already is, lacking in nothing.
Bushra F.
I am grateful because when I sleep every night and when I left to my own devices I really think…why me?. Why should I suffer? But then I think to myself why should I also get the things that I am getting right now? Why am I so healthy? Why do I belong to such a well off family? Why do I have such loving people around me??? Why? Why do I not have any disability? 😟😟😟 These makes me wonder. Why am I not grateful for the things I have? Why am I not being thankful about the people I have. I have such an amazing partner and extended family.
Megan U.
Because I am alive today and I have another chance to prove to myself that I can become a better person and muslim by adding good habits to my daily life and reduce my bad habits
Paul Z.
I am grateful for the things I have, family and friends that support me because without i would be truly lost in a time where I am my lowest
Charlotte S.
I’m grateful because I’m fortunate enough to acknowledge and see the blessings I am given and the people who don’t have that opportunity
Ava X.
I'm grateful for each day I have with my family. With everything that we've all lost over this past year, each day that I have feels like such a blessing.
Dwight P.
Im grateful for who I am, for the life I have. The progression of my life from where it was and the improvement I have made to where it is today.
Dan Z.
I am grateful for waking up today, for every breath that I am alive to experience. The joy I feel in success and the frustration in each failure there is gratitude to be found within both. Each step forward and each slip is forward movement towards something better.
Nazima W.
I do have lots of things that I appreciate. My parents, especially my mom, supports me whenever I felt a burning and give to me a reason to continue my path, I know that not all parents are kind to their children, so that's why I am grateful. I have the thing that may be someone else's dream.
Gerwin M.
I'm grateful for being able to wake up everyday, for having food and shelter along with all the other necessities I'm provided with. I'm grateful for the people around me whom I'm able to talk to. I'm grateful for the presence of my partner, whom I go to for advice and when I'm down.