I’m confused on what exactly should I be grateful for. I understand life and blah blah but is there something deeper to thank for?

Noele I.
Always remember your starting point. Think about where you were some years ago and where you are today. We change every single day and we improve ourselves every single moment

Anastasiia F.
Think about the things that you may not have had. Your body, your arms and legs, your mind, the rights to say your opinion to someone, the oportunities that are given to you every day, the people that support you ans so on)

Maja F.
I dunno, im great full for the s.mall things like having an Apple, or finding that extra 5 dollars, or having working pens and stuff. May sound dumb but im greatful for mostly the small things

Becky N.
In all honesty I focus on the little things, things that are often overlooked and may seem minor but when you reflect on them you realise they are more than they originally seem. I often take it for granted that I am able to rest somewhere I feel safe and cosy, or that I am able to hear the birds chirping in the morning. I'm thankful for little things like being able to make someone smile through positive talk and compliments, and thankful for the music I enjoy and the stories I read that I can get lost in for hours. For me focusing on the little things I'm grateful for makes me focus on the positives, even on a tough day.

Alcione Q.
We have to be grateful about our health, the health of our family. In days like this, with corona, all we have to do is our better to be save and save the humanity

Katie J.
I, personally, don't.

But I'm also one of those who finds it hard to feel grateful.

So I pay attention to small things throughout the day that I am actually grateful for:

If someone invited me to dinner, or even cooked, I'm grateful for their friendship (or cooking prowess)!

If I went on a walk/meditated/whatever, I'm grateful for the time I took for myself.

If I got to borrow a truck to run errands while ice was on the ground, I'm grateful for the opportunity.

It's small things that add up to something bigger, or at least that's how I feel about it

Lea E.
There is a saying of Pablo Picasso "Everything you can imagine is real". I like to take in consideration the words of a paintor because they always observe life in detail.

Coral T.
I believe the power of the exercise is reflecting in all the things you are grateful. For example, think a sunny day, your dog, your morning tea. All the little things that make your life better, that make you feel happy but you take for granted because you always have.

T Lay Z.
The whole point is start small and build to greater things. Don’t underrate small things like a new day of life and food on the table. Try to feel grateful for this things first. Don’t rush. Even if you don’t feel it at first or if you consider it stupid do it any way.

Delaney G.
The little things – strong internet connection, being with people through this time, a best friend, something you’ve been wanting to do and finally had time for. My husband and I put the app on for 7 mins and talk back and forth about all the little things we are grateful for from the day..even if some repeat.