Do you believe being grateful brings about more abundance

Treat G.
How can it not? Having a mindset of gratitude highlights the infinite number of things to be grateful for, and you realize how rich your life is. Having a “never enough” mindset will keep you pining and dissatisfied for the rest of your days.

Rose Y.
I don't know if I truly believe it brings about more abundance, but there's no doubt that it makes me appreciate the smaller things a lot more and see much more good in my life.

Theresa Z.
Yes I would say that the more grateful you are, the more frequently you discover things for which to be grateful. While iay have always had this abundance, without gratitude inmay not have even noticed some of the abundance in my life. Kind of a paradox. But a good one!

Corina E.
Absolutely! The more you are greatful for things, the more good will come. Same as if I were to ne negative and ungrateful. Nothing would ever positive will come my way. Or if something positive did happen, it wouldn't be for long. Same as if I were to be greatful, the more positive things would come my way.

Michele Y.
Without a doubt 100% just think if you were grateful for everything in your life even the seemingly not so fun things… just to be grateful even for those, you are showing reference towards life with honor and respect for all of it.