Who or what are you most grateful for?

Mads C.
I am grateful for everything in my life. I am grateful for having parents like my mom dad ..and am grateful for everything they provided me . I am grateful for being a Muslim girl, that I have Allah swt to share all my problems with . I am grateful for having him❤️ in my life ..and I want him throughout my whole life.
Antonio Z.
I am most grateful for my life and my family. gratefulness is not about materialistic things you have but its all about how small things are attech with you in different manner. Always grateful for what you have instead of what you have not. If you are reading this answer than be grateful, because you alive in this world and its most important than any other thing.
Alice Z.
I'm very grateful for my family. I've been struggling through a lot right now and my sibling has been there every step of the way, offering to get me dinner or ice cream, helping me pay for gas and other bills, sticking up for me during work conflicts, etc. It's been very nice.
Jos E.
Im gratefull for my mom, my grand ma, for mi best friends and for my girlfriend, im grateful for the car i drive, for where i live, for some many reasons, i am grateful
Michael Y.
I am greatful for the opportunity to live my life forward, feeling as of I have been giving a chance to make something great of myself
Laura B.
Of all the things I'm grateful for it is myself forever more,
But of course in liue of that it is Sweet Sarah where I'm at…
I'll see you over the rainbow soon my "wildflower"
Sands N.
I’m grateful for my health and then I’m able to provide for my daughters. I’m grateful that I have a new opportunity every day that I wake up. I’m grateful that I have two healthy children.
Anacleto C.
Estoy agradecida por todas las cosas que me suceden, porque siempre estoy en un constante aprendizaje constructivo, el universo aleja de mi a las personas que no me ayudan a progresar y dejan entrar personas nuevas con mentalidades abiertas con buenos hábitos y ganas de triunfar, están ahí para hacerme crecer, me están llevando al camino correcto para cumplir mis logros, tengo salud, como un desayuno delicioso, he tomado suficiente agua, me siento activa, he progresado en cada entrenamiento, he mejorado mi físico, cada día estoy más fuerte, más inteligente, más enfocada, más feliz ,más agradecida, más sana, con mas dinero, tengo la virtud de poder comprarme lo que quiera cuando quiera, tengo mis familiares y seres queridos sanos, juntos y tranquilos
Inken Y.
I am most grateful for my friends and family because I know that even when I'm at my lowest they will be there to lift me up.
T Ssia P.
I am grateful today that i am healthy and and happy and that I waked up without war or illness I am grateful for Allah making me this way
Esther P.
I am grateful for my dog. When he was adopted I was the first person in my family to play with him and make him feel comfortable in his new home, now he is 5 years old and he is the best thing in my life, everytime I cried he was there for me and everytime I needed to go out but I was too anxious to go on my own I would take him with me. I love him so much and I will miss him when he will be gone.
Estefanie I.
I am grateful for my life, opportunities, family. friends, mother nature, animals, work, food, technology, water, and a place to comfort.
Tobias C.
Well, there are many people that I am grateful for theme; but someone who I am most grateful for is myself. 'cause I think I am really helpful for myself and I also enjoy to spend my time with myself
Jana L.
i’m greatful for myself and my brain and my whole body
and elhamduallah for my life there are lots of good things actually💕
Edinalva E.
For my health, no amount of money can by this . For waking up to another wonderful day , allowing me to be in control of my life .
Traugott X.
I am just grateful for my immediate family. Loving spouse and kids. They push me to become a better me regardless where they are. They are always here with me *points toward chest*
Karen U.
I am most grateful for my good health. Being able to walk, see and hear the world and enjoy fresh produce to eat fills me with a sense of joy. I feel so blessed to as I breath easily, enjoying the smells of the countryside I live in.
Adrian R.
I stayed and actually think about this for a little, but I think the person I am most grateful for is myself, I would've never achieved all that I achieved without myself and my big brain :))
Jordyn N.
I am most grateful for my mom. Although she technically isnt my friend, I do consider her one of my best friends. She is a mentor and a guide for and always knows what is best for without the need to control me. She lets me make my own decisions because she understands everyone makes mistakes. She is also very understanding and comforting. Even at my lowest times she would always be there to help me and relieve my pain.
Hailey W.
I am grateful for my parents and my grandparents, for always supporting me and motivate me,and always appreciate me in thought conditions,no one can love me like my parents…
Frederikke U.
I am healty.I have a family
Sometimes i feel alone,ugly and not enough.
I have ti accept me,'cause ghete is in the world Simeone that doesn't have a home,a family or isn't healty ,but I am.
I am healty,I have a family,I have a home and some Friends.
H A.
My mom. My parents were divorced when I was 3 years old and my mom had decided not to marry again. I can feel clearly the love of her spend for me. She is my most grateful for, and have her in this life is my most grateful thing.