I am fourteen years old and I always want to get the best grades but I often feel so much regret and put myself down when I don’t. How do I get out of this terrible habit and begin to be grateful and proud of myself?

Lakita F.
All ways start with the question " did I do my absolute best? ". Second ask "what could I have done better or different? ". Third ask "what is my 'next right thing '? " Figure out what the next most positive thing you can do or say in relation to meeting the goal.
Afonso Q.
Just put in your efforts to the best of your ability and don't worry about the results… Negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes and never underestimate yourself no matter what 😊You're amazing
Dana C.
Don’t take yourself seriously. Work hard but failure is part of life. With failure comes success. Learn from your mistakes and ask for help when you feel lost. Friends and family are the best sources for support.
Ivan P.
You don't have to put yourself down. Everytime u are unable to make those grades,think of it as a chance to improve. So u can set a standard for yourself. Aim high so that when you shoot your arrow,you won't fall way too low but at least hit closer to the mark. Then set the standard a little higher than the last one. For instance, you can say that you want to get 80% in each of your exam papers this semester. When the results come you may get the 80 of you may get between 70-80%. That's not too low but higher than the pass mark. Then in the next exam you can set it to 90%. And it goes on like that. Because you set the standard or Target or goal, you will work hard to achieve it. Don't beat yourself up over it. Every day you wake up, it's a chance to make your life better.