Do you write on gratitude nightly or just think about what your grateful for?

Ka Ti E W.
I was just answering in my head, but then I decided to write it down so that I could keep track & also have a nightly goal.
I also like the idea of a gratitude list helping my spirituality ❤️
Teresa C.
I'm writing while I think about it. I have also other feelings but trying to understand them slowly. Feeling close to burn out.
Ticiana E.
I think. Not much of a writer and I avoid exposure to light before sleep so I sit on my bed in the dark and think. But, more importantly, I try to FEEL more than think. I do it until I get a fuzzy cozy feeling of gratitude around the heart. I try to physically feel it. This erases all anxiety. I don't always get there but I always try. To me, it is worth to go this much deeper. Good question btw. 👍😌🙏