Which type of yoga would u recommend if I’m a beginner?

Morgan C.
I would recommend traditional sun salutations because they are repetitive and not so hard. They also allow for lots of reflection and meditation.
Melisa W.
I’ve been practicing yoga for quite some time , yet can’t have a conversation about it yet. I will research different kinds of yoga
Lizzel N.
I think you should do the sun salutations intro in the app to get familliar with the poses and then do rounds, both of these are in the yoga habit in this app
Alison J.
You can start with the breathing exercises and meditation first, then go for simple stretches from neck to toes and then only for a complete routine like sun salutations.
Vedanti O.
1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
2. Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)
3. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
Try these few yoga asana if you're a beginner. Hope it helps.:)
Clelia Y.
I am not sure as I am a beginner too. I watched some videos about vinysa( I am not sure if I spelled it right) and I think it's the easiest of them all
Andrea O.
I would suggest first trying beginner vinyasa yoga. That is the most common and it has more of a flow. If you want yoga to be your “workout” it moves your body more. Hatha is more restorative (meaning slow paced stretching). Kundalini is also more about the breath and meditation.
Ada N.
Im kind of a beginner myself, but I would just start with the Sun salutation flow! And also do some research, that’s always really helpful!
Staci F.
Pre or post covid I’d recommend looking up the studios in your area to find a beginner series offering. In terms of style, I don’t think that matters yet. At this point you’re learning the basic names and foundational poses. YouTube is full of options. I’ve only tried Yoga with Adrienne and Yoga with Kassandra. I recommend both of those. Once you have the basics down you can try out the varying class styles and teachers to see what you like. Good for you! Enjoy!
Ashley F.
I would recomend a beginning yoga to slowly start to stretch you out as you learn the moves. Stretching is key to loosen yourself up. I personally love using Amazon prime for yoga. I watch Julia jarvest, yoga Adriene, and Senela osmanovic. You will go far with these amazing women.
Emily W.
Blogilates (on youtube)! Her name is Casey Ho and she does harder and easy stretches!! She also is a lot of fun and her yoga clothes are appropriate:)
Hazel O.
I just find different positions on the internet and select ones that make me feel calm and comfortable while stretching out and helping me to prepare for the day ahead. I personally don't like to box myself in and follow a routine someone else has laid out for me so I pick and choose and make sure that it fits me and makes me feel positive about myself. I think that the main thing is finding what works for you by listening to yourself and your body and constructing a routine or the ground work for something that you can grow and improve as you get better.
Samantha N.
Guided yoga. I suggest you make use of guided yoga when you are a beginner. You can easily find these videos on YouTube and various apps. This helps one see how your form should be and will guide you on which yoga poses are suitable for different levels as they are created to cater for the different levels.
Ragia C.
Hatha yoga slow and relaxing holding poses for minutes to feel the effect while vinyasa is very fast and hardly holding.
Tailyn U.
I recommend the beginning yoga so you can learn the basic poses or you can do the Sun Salutation because it's good for stretching your limbs and hamstrings too