What are some creative ways to get moving?

Barb Z.
I feel like u can start by just stretching in bed, then u can have a morning wOrKoUt, then take a RUN or BREATH outside. U should already Be motivated to have a CALM wOrKoUt/stretching or RUN . I did it like This. I didnt REALLY have motivation One time but Now i do a morning YOGA, bedtime YOGA, and in generall SOME YOGA WHEN i hav problems. It REALLY helped me reduce Stress, and anxiety, its REALLY REALLY calming and i REALLY recommend it WHEN You have ANY Stress or problems.
Jasmina I.
If you like to dance, then dance. Or go for a very short walk in the lunch time if possible and as usual use stairs not the elevator. Listening to music while moving is always great.
Darrell I.
I would say to watch some videos on how to get motivated but honestly I feel like watching videos then doing it is a waste of time since all you have to do is get comfy and actually doing it. Try searching ambient sounds on youtube meditate be grateful and move forward to your day.
Esther Y.
Make an obstacle course in the living room or all around the house so every time you need to get something from another room you have to go throught it
Anna P.
Dance while you water the plants, Play with the kids, take the stairs – two steps up, one step down – until you make it to the top, do lunges when you go to get a cup of coffee (suitable if you have home office😅)
Elsie S.
There are tons of ways! Just make sure you pick something that you genuinely enjoy doing. Well of course some things become more fun over time. Yoga, fitness videos, running, weightlifting, sports, dancing, etc. Are all examples of movement! Dancing during random moments of the day is also a creative way to get movement in. Like when you are cooking! I love to do this.
Gabriela Z.
The most creative ways to get a little movement each morning are usually the simplest. Dance to your favorite song while doing a task, such as making breakfast.
Dirk T.
I like to start my day with 5 sun salutations. It wakes my body up and works out some of the tightness that settles in overnight, and it's a quick and easy way to get my body moving and energised right out of bed in the morning.
Zen Bia P.
Sometimes just listening to music can get me moving. Soft music for stretching or something a bit faster to dance around too. I guess not everyone likes music for those things, but there is always something for each person. Keep trying! Don't give up! You will find it!