What’s the best practice to do right when you wake up?

Denis A.
Breathe, if you had a nightmare just look around and see that today is a day you've never seen before – and yesterday doesn't have to spill into today. Then drink water and wash your face. Maybe stretch.
Rh P.
From my personal experience, the habit of drinking water, recommended by Fabulous, right after I wake up every morning is the best practice to start a fresh day.

By placing a bottle of water beside the bed before going to bed in the night, I can drink water in the morning upon wake up.

Before this, I got up with sore eyes every morning and needed artificial teardrops to relieve. After I started drinking water right after getting up, the water vapor provides moisture to my eyes which significantly reduced the sore and irritated feeling of dry eyes. Also I get a feeling of accomplishment as this fulfills the commitment to myself first thing in the morning.

Sydney O.
Well tell yourself that today’s is going to be a good day for a good day and maybe a a little breather.Like they say, if u believe, you shall achieve