Is there any openly available source of yoga classes online?

Ben W.
Absolutely. I plan to continue exploring options in the future, but my absolute favorite so far is “Glo”
It has variety, excellent instructions, ease of navigation and customizable search options. Also affordable. Works well on the iPhone app. It was the definite tipping point of me becoming a regular, even daily practitioner.
After that. My next favorite was Grokker. I didn’t explore the full capabilities of that one, but it looked like it also hadn’t some good exercises, conditioning Andy even recipes.
Janet S.
There are some great classes for beginners on YouTube. You can start with the 30 yoga days, available on Yoga with Adrienne.
Estefania C.
I do yoga on a daily basis. I open the classes on YouTube. They are 10, 15, 30+ minutes long yoga sessions that I follow with Yoga With Kassandra.