How long do you usually practice yoga for?

Eva I.
It really depends n how I’m feeling and how much time I have. Doing yoga at all has huge benefits so practice as long as you feel comfortable, even if that’s just 1 minute! I usually do shorter practiced that are 20-30 minutes long.
Penha F.
I am pretty busy throughout the day but I like doing yoga in the late afternoon to early nighttime. I usually practice for 5-30 minutes depending on how much time I have, just doing it to feel relaxed, or if it’s for stretching an injury caused by exercise.
Lauren A.
About 20 minutes a day. I've picked out a Yoga with Adrienne 30 day challenge that works well for the purposes of this app 🙂
Gon Ala E.
It varies. I do 5 mins sun salutations in the morning. I like Kassandra on YouTube for the long ones; they are anywhere from 10 mins to 1 hr depending on how much time I have available/what mood I am in.
Hallie N.
I usually do at least thirty minutes. I find that the half hour is the right amount of time to get into the flow and get all the mental and physical benefits. You mentally get in the right space and then physically you’re warmed up and engaged. I love to try for longer but I honor my body and what I feel for that day. I don’t push myself on days I feel weak or tired. Even 5 mins is good!
Ashton N.
In the morning after waking up I do a longer, 15-20 minute practice with more movement. In the evening before going to bed I do a shorter, 7-10 minute practice with less movement.
Vanshita N.
My routine includes yoga + high intensity workout in morning for around 2 hours and in night before going to bed an half an hour yoga…