how do you stay motivated to practice yoga when you don’t want to or are tired?

Jennifer O.
Take a restorative yoga class. It has very easy poses and breathing/ meditation. Legs up the wall or child’s pose are great examples
Michelle Q.
Most often I listen to my body. Am I tired? Dehydrated? Is my blood sugar low? If I can correct it, I do. But…you probably shouldn't do asanas if you are too tired. Yoga is more than poses. There is meditation, breath control and mudras, and all are important. Use your yoga time to explore another aspect of yoga. I recomend the Daily Yoga app. It's free and can really get you going in the right direction. DY recommends 2 or 3 days of asanas, 1 day of meditation or breath control, then continue in that pattern. Namaste, my friend.
Nicky F.
I've struggled with this a lot. The fabulous app yoga challenge is really motivating me. Give it a shot! And remember that yin yoga or yoga nidra count 😉 it doesn't have to be a sweaty flow to count as yoga.
Cassarah P.
I remind myself the benefits of doing yoga. How it makes me feel and why I am doing it in the first place. If I don’t have a reason for doing it I don’t have motivation to keep it up.
It’s ok to miss a day every once in a while. You must forgive yourself for doing so and continue to do it the next day. It’s very important to not be so critical of yourself when you do make a mistake.
I find it easier to make it a habit when I do it either at a certain time or pair it with something else in my routine (ie. yoga + exercise + meditation).