how do you stay motivated to practice yoga when you don’t want to or are tired?

Nicky F.
I've struggled with this a lot. The fabulous app yoga challenge is really motivating me. Give it a shot! And remember that yin yoga or yoga nidra count 😉 it doesn't have to be a sweaty flow to count as yoga.

Cassarah P.
I remind myself the benefits of doing yoga. How it makes me feel and why I am doing it in the first place. If I don’t have a reason for doing it I don’t have motivation to keep it up.
It’s ok to miss a day every once in a while. You must forgive yourself for doing so and continue to do it the next day. It’s very important to not be so critical of yourself when you do make a mistake.
I find it easier to make it a habit when I do it either at a certain time or pair it with something else in my routine (ie. yoga + exercise + meditation).