How do i keep my mind clear during this?

Deanna Z.
I don't think it's necessarily about keeping your mind clear as much as it is about realizing you're having a thought enter the space, and then letting the thought leave the space. Then refocus on your breathing.
The N.
Try focusing on yourself, not the situation you're in, or the things that have happened in the past or are happening right now. Focuse on your breathing, your body and the warmth of your hands and rhythm of your heart beat. Feel the stress and anxiety running out of your veins through your hands and fingers. Breath normally and set up a new picture in the theater of your mind. Your mind's gonna be clear as ocean waves then.
Heather C.
The very first rule of the Universe -Don’t Panic. I try to take my time and focus on my breathing. If strong emotion comes up breathing helps me to recognize what is happening next time so I can choose how to experience the emotion in the way I like instead of reacting instantaneously as I did before. It isn’t an overnight thing but with practice you gain the wisdom of clarity.
Caren U.
Meditation is the best way to focus on the present. Just keep your attention only at your breathing or at all the sounds around.
Ewa Z.
I kee0 my mind focused on the objective and what I have to do after or at what I was thinking before is noty concern during the routine. It's likr the routine gives me a break from immediatly starting the day, keeping me calm and ready.
Lily P.
Keeping your mind clear will always be a bit of a challenge, and understanding that it will be difficult at times is important.

I came here looking for a way to stop my brains chatter and so far I have made some progress, it’s a bit difficult but you’ll see benefit. Just trust yourself and your brain to help you out when the time comes

Cassie T.
A guided meditation will help you to learn some methods that you can apply. untill you know what it feels like to have a truely clear mind you may get distracted. Guided meditation often has a gentle voice that inturups the stillness occasionally telling you to refocus on your clarity of mind.
I find that these reminders help me to think of what my mind is really on, I not that thought and I put it out of my mind for now..
Otniel S.
actually i cant keep my mind clear .always .but also i tell to my self that is that think has any benefits for me ? or my future ? the other way is that i try to not be in past or future not be negative or even positive about the problems or my thought i just try and fight to my mind to be neutral just this
i hope to be successful at the end
Isobel W.
Focus on the tasks ahead of you. As you evaluate your progress or path, you can keep a sense of perspective on how far you've come and where you are aiming to get. But for the present, just focus on the things before you and don't dwell about the past or the future, or you won't enjoy the present.
Mariella Z.
Don’t beat yourself up when your mind drifts. Notice when it happens, acknowledge it and then bring it back to the present moment. The more you do this, the less you will drift.

Be patient, it won’t happen overnight

Hanne A.
Yoga is needs a little bit of meditating a bit. Don’t stop the thoughts from coming and going to try and create a clear mind. Welcome the throughts and see where it is they could take you. Form peace around the chaos. You can also try some guided meditations and yoga videos. Hearing the voices of other people helps to stop thinking so much of other things because your brain focuses on piecing the words they speak together to form an understanding.
In S Z.
You'll have to make positive thoughts think about an amazing future, your amazing and strong future self and breath deeply. Make sure to be alone so you are able to hear clearly your thoughts!
Farah A.
All the therapy is meditation. Meditate before you sleep and as soon as you get up so that you feel relaxed for the entire day and don't feel stressed out. You can start with a 5 mins of meditation
Hidvegi Y.
Take away every distraction out of the way by putting every device out of the work/study room and after you get back to the room have 2-5 minutes of meditation you don’t have to do something big what i do is breathing slowly and focus on the sound of my breath it really calm me down and help me forget anything outside the room