How do i keep my mind clear during this?

Deanna Z.
I don't think it's necessarily about keeping your mind clear as much as it is about realizing you're having a thought enter the space, and then letting the thought leave the space. Then refocus on your breathing.

Cassie T.
A guided meditation will help you to learn some methods that you can apply. untill you know what it feels like to have a truely clear mind you may get distracted. Guided meditation often has a gentle voice that inturups the stillness occasionally telling you to refocus on your clarity of mind.
I find that these reminders help me to think of what my mind is really on, I not that thought and I put it out of my mind for now..

Mariella Z.
Don’t beat yourself up when your mind drifts. Notice when it happens, acknowledge it and then bring it back to the present moment. The more you do this, the less you will drift.

Be patient, it won’t happen overnight

Hidvegi Y.
Take away every distraction out of the way by putting every device out of the work/study room and after you get back to the room have 2-5 minutes of meditation you don’t have to do something big what i do is breathing slowly and focus on the sound of my breath it really calm me down and help me forget anything outside the room

Heather C.
The very first rule of the Universe -Don’t Panic. I try to take my time and focus on my breathing. If strong emotion comes up breathing helps me to recognize what is happening next time so I can choose how to experience the emotion in the way I like instead of reacting instantaneously as I did before. It isn’t an overnight thing but with practice you gain the wisdom of clarity.