Does doing yoga help you feel more refreshed?

Pegah X.
I realy dont know beacuse im new in yoga
But just in few days i fell more fresh and i have motivate to get up early
I woke up 6:30 today then drank my glass of water and did yaga for 15 min and had my cup of coffee
Befor days i woke up early but went to sleep again beacuse its not easy to wake up and start studing but todays i wake up and do my rotins and aftar that my brain is raely prepare to use😁💪🏻
Kara X.
Yes! It focuses me on the present moment and clears my mind. It processes the tension in my body so I can see the truth of what I am feeling in that moment.
Erin F.
yes, i am doing it at 6.20 in te morning and without it, i would probably be a zombie or something. yoga has the power to wake up every single cell in you body. it wakes muscles, it helps you breathing and it's good for your bones and posture. doing yoga every day you help your body feeling good, healthy and refreshed.
Jasmina I.
It helps, I feel more alive, awaken, I feel better in my body. It's a chair yoga, so it's easy enough and I can manage. I'd recommend it to everybody.
Victoire E.
For sure, once you start everything changes. When I'm doing yoga I start thinking about the things I want to change (without overwhelming myself), or the things I appreciate about my life now. And it also helps me to be more flexible which I need to workout. So I really think that yoga is the better way to feel more free and refreshed.
Randy E.
Yoga does have me feeling refreshed actually, I feel awake and ready for today. My body does hurt a little which means I need to keep it up.
Montana T.
No, it does facilitate a good feeling in my body, because of the stretching, when my muscles are sore it helps. The breathing is calming, but I usually don't feel very invigorated when I finish. I am going to make an effort to feel invigorated. Maybe, I should do Vinyasa.
Litzy Z.
Yoga not only helps me feel refresh, but I’ve noticed a change in my body since I began integrating it into my daily routine (less pain, etc). I feel more flexible and stronger.
Stephanie P.
Yoga is the best part of my morning, when everything is quiet and I feel like I'm alone at the whole world. I love doing yoga, it helps me to be in peace, and to think everything with more patience and more relaxed and positive
Edwin U.
From my experience it depends on the time of day, the type of yoga and the intention of the poses. I've learned to listen to my spirit in what it needs in that moment. So 99% of the time my body my mind and my heart feel refreshed and ready to be present.
Reyna N.
Yes it really is. I would have never thought yoga was this refreshing; I honestly love it. My body and mind feel great after a yoga session. I do yoga in the mornings before I start my day & at night to end my days. I strongly recommend it ! Give it a try and see for yourself. 🧘🏻‍♀️ I am one happy relaxed mommy! lol
Suzanne E.
Yes, it helps me after hours spent on the phone during online school. It's some necessary exercise and good for relaxing.
Arielle O.
Yes, I feel so much more relaxed when I do yoga. It’s especially good when I meditate after yoga since I can really feel the difference in my body. I feel lighter, free, and deep inner calm.
Reem N.
Yes, it really make me feel so deep refreshed and love my self, it relaxes me and make me feel peace with my self, and decreases the tension and pressure.
Jason Y.
Definitely! Both physically it makes me feel good to stretch right muscles and release tension and doing so also relieves my mind and allows me time to just focus on the here and now and how my body feels. To just exist in my body is really refreshing
Jasmin X.
Definitely, I always open my eyes with a content smile regardless of how my day went. It's a sort of reset and it's like refueling
Erin O.
Yes. It makes me feel more confident about the work I've done with my body to get more fit. After doing this daily for so long, I now realize how much easier some moves, how much more flexible I am when doing some poses, and how much better I breathe while doing it.