How long is good for doing yoga and how many times a day do you do it? Also do you feel better doing it outdoors or indoors?

Sara J.
I believe the main thing with yoga is to take the time you have. If you have an hour, use it to really dig deep, focus and find calmness in your flow. If some days you only have 10 minutes, don't be so hard on yourself! Life happens, and it's better to do 10min of fully invested yoga (mind and body) than trying to rush through a program you don't have time for, or your mind is preoccupied with other things. I like doing between 20-30min regularly, and I think a variety in outdoors and indoors is good. If it's a beautiful day – enjoy it outside! Just find a spot where you won't be distracted by things happening around you. Find your own groove, try out different places to see what feels best and most at peace for you. I believe in you 🙏