How yoga can help you?

Siti U.
Yoga is very helpful because after a tired day you just sit one place and do some straching makes you more relax and co is also a simple excersice for those have pack schedule.for me yoga help a lot to keep me meditate and relax.l really suggest you to try do yoga
Khushi C.
1. Increase flexibility
2. Increase strength and tone muscles
3. Improved respiration energy vitality
4. Maintaining a balanced metabolism
5. Weight reduction
Megan N.
I usually do yoga after I run. For me, yoga helps me stretch out my body and bring my breath back to a normal rhythm. Yoga also helps me clear my mind and focus on my breath.
Nobonita B.
Yoga can help me to relief all of the stress and i feel great. Doing yoga also make my mind calm. I believe that yoga is the best exercise.
Julio P.
Yes yoga can help to keep the balance in your body. It makes you focus on your mind and body and is really good for you mind also
D Bora F.
Yoga stretches out the tight or sore muscles, gets the blood flowing and helps you get more connected with yourself. The pace of your practise determines what you get out of it. A fast-paced practise comprised of dynamic poses will energise and fuel you for the rest of the day, while a practise with a more slow and relaxed pace will help you shed tiredness, fatigue and mental barriers to inner peace.
Raquel Q.
I have ansiety, depression and health issues, some of them regarding flexibility, yoga can help me get better in all of the above
Daniel F.
Надад илүү их тайвшралыг мэдрүүлж байсан. Биеэ амраахаас гадна стрессээс ангижрах шиг санагдаж байлаа. Яг одоогийн нөхцөлд минь нэмэр болох байх.
Grishell C.
Yoga can help you feel at ease with your body, feel tranquil with their body, stretch out all your lymphatic systems that you usually don't. You see in yoga we stretch out so many things than regular exercises, this is why others are sore when you are not. yoga although you get sore it's a relief.
Teoh R.
Since I sit in down in front of the computer all day, my muscles becomes stiff over the years. Yoga helped me relieve my shoulder tension, and makes me feel re-energized.
Kristin F.
Yoga is helping me feel stronger, calmer, and more ‘in my body’. It’s helping me listen to my body and I know better what’s bothering me (emotionally or physically), and what might help me feel better. It’s helping me not eat mindlessly or emotionally. It’s helping me notice when I’m tired, thirsty, or even cold. I hate to exercise, and I am a beginner at yoga, but it is helping me in a way no other exercise ever has.
Mobina N.
It helps me to stop thinking about stressful stuff…and the most important part is that , it makes me to feel strong and able to do everything:)
Abril N.
Yoga helps me clear the mind and stretch my body. Preferably, I do it in the mornings as it helps to kick in some energy.
Teodomiro Q.
In the morning, yoga is a good way to stretch tight muscles, especially if you find yourself with stiffness in your neck and back. It’s a good way of starting the day limber, getting your muscles ready for the day ahead.

In the evening, before bed, it’s a good way to relax. I use moving meditations to help calm my mind and body before I sleep.

I suffer from back pain and I do yoga to help with my spine flexibility and to stop my back muscles seizing up. It’s the most effective treatment for back problems and some of the techniques are used by doctors who ask patients with back problems to stretch and exercise.

It is a low impact way of helping your body to stay strong and flexible.

Colleen S.
It can show you that a single movmemt can help you calm your mind, and open part of your peacful state thrught breathing patterns.
Xenia O.
it can calm you down and is a great way to learn your body . It also teaches you to control your breath and it is really helpful in a panic attack or a moment you feel not in the mood. I insist you doing it in your morning routine so it can be a great beginning in your day
Dale E.
Physically it helps you tone and stretch your body, and psychologically it helps you build a stronger mental health Foundation to feel better and to relax more in your daily routine. And honestly giving yourself some extra time to rest and listen to your own thoughts without judgments and without any outer decision are the best parts of it. It's like meditation that you do with your body rather than just mentally.
Larissa P.
It helps you with relaxing and stretching your body, but some yoga poses even have beneficial effects on your body. For example, a puppy pose and camel pose are beneficial for growth to become taller. Some poses that ensure blood flow to your head are beneficial for hair growth and curing pimples.
Eva X.
Yoga has so many benefits. Yoga can really help with stress anxiety and even depression. It also make you more flexible and keeps you in shape. Yoga is also really good for practicing breathing skills if you’re an athlete like me or just in your day to day life. Yoga does so much that’s just a few examples!
Philomena E.
It helps with my anxiety and keeps me grounded in the present. Physically it helps me stretch my body so I’m not sore from my job or daily activities.
Emily E.
I am a college student attending online classes for hours on end. I naturally started realising that if this was going to be my daily lifestyle, my body would stiffen up and before I knew it, I was going to live in a body that was not taken care of and nourished.
My body will thank me for the decision I make each day to do yoga – putting my body, my only home, into action, awaken my sleeping muscles, fixing my posture, building up my core strength and finding myself more productive.