What did yoga give to you? Could you achive the full splits?

Livio Y.
Its make your body healthy . Healthy body has healthy mind. It improve your behavior. It makes your body fit and fine. You look more younger and beautiful. Flexibility of your body increase .

It improve your personality. Decrease your depression. Give you also strength to fight with disease.

Ambre Z.
No I couldn’t, but I did enjoy the Yoga session… I definitely feel that Yoga is healthy for my daily life so I’m gonna make sure I keep working on it don’t worry! I’m gonna try YouTube sessions too. Just to mess around with different poses and feelings. A love meditating too. I feel more powerful and productive…
Sabrina Y.
Yoga has helped me more focusing in my mind and body rather than flexibility. This is because I have always been able to do a split since my young age and kept stretching regularly and now I am happy to celebrate my oversplit. However I believe that yoga can be good to achieve flexibility too. Yoga is a good way to learn to listen to your body, feel the movement and learn to deal with your fear. It is a good way to build strength and feel in harmony with yourself
Mohammed N.
Having to practice yoga relaxes me after I wake up. It’s very soothing. I still am not able to bend properly or achieve good posture but practising everyday should help. I’m going to do it everyday.
Sylvie N.
yoga made me feel more relaxed and energized at the same time. It takes lots of practice to get full splits and I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I can definitely see progress!
Alex S.
No way can I do the splits! It makes my body feel a lot less stiff and sore and because of that I sleep better. I have more energy throughout the day.. and my balance is better than it used to be.
Sleepy C.
Yoga gave me flexibility and good moods, I cannot yet do full splits or any splits at all, I'm just a beginner but I am looking forward to being flexible enough to do splits.