How long have you been practising yoga?

Vera Z.
Sinterde 2,5 months everyday and before I had periods when I lived in other cities as Capetown and Amsterdam. When I was busy/ lightly overwhelmed because of new city it helped me finding relaxation and calmness
Davino Z.
I've been doing yoga for about a year now and I don't go to any type of yoga class I go on to Pinterest and pick out 5 pins on yoga and I pick one to do each day and then I restart when it's the next week.
Miranda R.
About a week or two. I'm generally not a fan of yoga, but I saw an infographic on a social media app about yoga poses for better sleep. Now I try to take a shower and do a few minutes of yoga before bed every night. So far, I've seen small improvements in my sleep, but I haven't been doing it very consistently/for long. The Fabulous app is helping me get into the habit!