Do you believe a 15 minutes yoga routine a day is enough, or which is the ideal length of a daily yoga session?

Carson E.
15 min sounds perfect because it's manageable. I've found once you start a regular practice, you'll start wanting more time on the mat.

Emmer F.
Any length of time for yoga is great just whatever you feel is best for you. I often only have time for 15 mins but I have noticed a difference already which is great!! So then my answer would be yes ahah 😂😂

Kara X.
As long as you feel you need it. Listen to what kind of movement your body is asking for and move for as long as feels good. Find a moment or so of stillness and continue with your day when you are filled with intention. 🙂 it's your practice so it is all up to you!

Nia G.
I honestly think it depends on you. Go at your own pace. As long as you are moving your body it doesnt matter how long you do it. Just make time for what you want to do.

Dena Q.
I do a 9 minute bedtime yoga routine every night now and it definitely relaxes me. i’m going to try and start doing morning ones as well so i would say 15 mins is definitely best

Emily F.
I don't do yoga, but I think that 15 min is better than doing nothing. I run every day 15 min and take that time to self affirmation

Pinar N.
I honestly believe that 15 minutes a day is enough. The most important thing is that you do yoga daily, consistency is more important than intensity. Just try to make a real habit of it first, start even with 5 minutes a day, make your daily practice a non-negotiable and you can always increase the duration or optimize your practice later in the process. Good luck!

Diana P.
I prefer a session of 30 minutes. It gives me enough time to warm up and just feel my whole body at ease with itself. A longer session helps me connect my mind and my heart connect with my body. Feel free to experiment to find out which time length works best for you. There's no right answer. It's about what's ideal for you.