How long does it usually take to recover from a muscle injury?

Carley U.
From my experience hurting myself it could take months. Personally, my last experience having a muscle injury it took about a month and a half to recover fully
Ethan U.
It depends on how bad the muscle injury is and how your body is. For me, it takes me around 2 to 3 weeks to recover but when I did push myself a little too much it take around more time like 1 month. Another trick that you can do to avoid muscle injury is always stretching before doing your workout.

But they do have a trick to be able to help reduce the muscle injury pain by doing massage on it or putting some ice. Or maybe put on a muscle pain patch relief on the spot of the muscle injury to reduce the pain. But if it is still very painful and you do not feel it, you might need to go for a checkup to see if you did not rip your muscle by accident when you overwork.

Noya C.
It depends on what injury it is , if it’s a broken arm , could be 2 weeks or more . Or it’s just a headache so just take a medicine