Do you have your own yoga routine or do you follow an online or live class?

Suyin N.
I follow the yoga with adriene videos on youtube, I’m doing one of her 30 days of yoga challenges now, but some days I swap for a mood specific video, especially when I’m feeling a bit under the weather or anxious or I have a specific need
Brianna N.
At first I didn't I just followed YouTube and yoga I'm on fabulous but I got a yoga mat and it gave me more poses and then I combined it the yoga routines with each other and did my own sometimes I do my own sometimes I do new ones with YouTube but why go to class when you can do it yourself
Maia C.
Since I’m not familiar with Yoga I follow some videos on Youtube by a yoga instructor to help me relax before going to bed. I feel very refreshed after a short practice, it’s the best!
Jill T.
Actually not. I used to go to a yoga center in the past, now I do the asana I remember, search the internet for some updates.
Mercedes Z.
Hi! For a longer yoga practice I love to follow the classes available on "Do Yoga With Me", a great website with lots of resources and info. For morning yoga routine I have searched for different 5 minutes flows and created a playlist with the ones I liked. Take care!