How do you log progress in yoga? How long does the physical changes in mucle tone take?

Mathilde F.
Well, for me it's all about feeling good. I keep track of my flexibility, what I've done so far and if there's any stretches I am able to do ask I continue stretch more and more. I've definitely seen changes (not only in my flexibility but I'm leaning out as well) but mostly, I'm feeling better, my body is not aching so much anymore and everyday it's a new day too so if there's something I was able to do yesterday that I'm not able to do today, I'm 100% okay with it. I just take it one day at a time!
Arista I.
It will take a long time if u don’t enjoy the process, only stretching just to your edge and just doing it everyday is the best way to feel good, poses will come along the way when your body is ready, if you force it you will injure yourself, or make for illness when your older like arthritis,Best thing to do is to have a yoga teacher to actually guide you.