Is this kind of yoga good for orthodox Christians ???

Emily Z.
I’m not sure which kind of yoga is in question. Overall, I think yoga is incredibly helpful both in the physical practice and it’s philosophy.

If you are worried about practicing something that came out of a non-Christian culture, most North American and Western Europeans places offer classes that are largely cut off from the philosophy the practice is part of. These kinda of classes are common at places that offer a variety of classes, and don’t specialize in yoga.

If the hesitation is that even if all the terms are translated into English, that it is still is a practice that originates from a non-Christian culture, I would ask you to consider trying it anyway.

But if that is not possible for you, you will need to avoid yoga, tai chi, etc.

I do not know if Joesph Pilates was a Christian, but his method, Pilates, originated in 20thC Germany and the USA.

I love Pilates, martial arts, and yoga, and part of what I love about them is how I connect to them as a whole person. Not just as a “workout.” And I often have to actively seek out teachers that don’t just focus on the physical practice.

Which is just a long wides way of saying, most classes you will find just treat yoga as physical exercise, so you will probably be able to avoid learning about other cultures (even though I think everyone should seek out perspectives different from their own.