How long do you meditate when performing yoga?

Rebecca P.
It really depends how long I’m practicing my poses for. I try to meditate every day, in the bath! But before and after I start my poses I’d say I probably do minimum 2 minutes and max 20, it all depends what kind of day it is and how long I have to myself x
Mathias C.
I don't meditate. I have tried few times but I wasn't able to remain concentrated. I know it would help me and that's why I want to give it another try
Suyin N.
I Do yoga in the morning and i just focus on how my body feels, so I just sit until I feel like my body wants to stretch some part when I don’t follow a yoga video (I do sessions with yoga with adriene, she keeps it light-hearted). I try not to calculate on time because it’s not about that. At the end of my yoga session, video or no video, I do the same, if I feel like my mind wants to stay still and follow my breath, I give myself that time, and I’ll get up when I’m ready (I’m someone who can’t sit still for a long time so it doesn’t generally take long for me hahah)
Annika E.
I have an app for yoga called ‘Yoga’ and it gives me many simple meditation and yoga workouts. Normally, they last for about 7-10 minutes, but there are harder ones that last longer. The poses last for 30 seconds each, so I like to take the time to close my eyes and clear my mind.
Melquiades N.
For a few minutes after finishing yoga. But I’m thinking it would be better meditate DURING yoga, or 10 minutes after at least