How much time and effort it takes to start felling more flexible?

Полина Аполинариас N.
I feel my body better every day I practice. After 7 days I feel more flexible and can reach the floor with my fingertips again.
Arlene S.
It dependens on many factors. I do Yoga for few years now, but whenever I go through the stressful day it delays the success for few days or weeks. Therefore I don’t do it to be flexible but I am flexible with my routine based on my neeeds.
Kelli E.
Im not very flexible and i never have done stretching or yoga so i have alot of work to do. Tonight was my first bedtime yoga routine n i loved it actually
Bailey P.
I would say it take only a few days. I’m on week 2 of doing yoga everyday and I feel so much better. Poses that used to hurt now don’t and I’m not getting as many muscle cramps.