What kind of clothes do you wear during the yoga session?

Zeriah U.
Sometimes I'll wear my usual workout gear (leggings and a cropped shirt), other times I'll wear a singlet with loose, flowy pants. It usually depends what mood I'm in, how vigorous the yoga session will be, or if I'm doing a harder workout to accompany it. It works out to a 50/50 split for me, but I think comfort is the most important thing.
Alejandra N.
I like to wear stretchy and comfy clothes, something that I can easily move in and won’t hang too loose or cling too tight. I have a yoga top that hangs open in the back, it looks like someone took scissors through the middle of my back (trust me it’s cute). But no matter how cute it is, it’s not the best having the back of my shirt hanging in my face during downward dog. Since then I always choose comfy over cute.
Domitille N.
Yoga top from Vyayama, pure natural fibres and soooo soft. And a legging made of merino wool. It’s soft and warm but regulate your body temperature (pure natural fibres are the best!)
Om N.
I prefer loose cotton clothes if I am in self practice, if I am teaching I pick to wear yoga outfit so my posture can help the participant Clear understanding.
Fayal N.
If I'm alone then I've done it wearing sports bra, fitted shirt (not a loose one because it starts moving and gets awkward during positions) and in my underwear – legit no issues. When I'm doing it over zoom with a friend I've worn tights (something thats easy to move in and comfortable for you – that's super key) and even jogger pants. I don't want my shirt riding up when I'm doing downward dog so I tuck my shirt in my pants. Just make sure to not wear anything thats not comfortable because it can feel SUPER irritating while you are trying to find your zen.
Pamela A.
During my daily yoga session, I wear yoga shorts and a sleeveless top. That way I'm prepared to jump right into a 30-minute run on the treadmill and my 7-minute Fabulous workout or core exercises. All I have to do is put on my socks and shoes.