why have you started doing yoga?

Victoria G.
It was a relatively gentle post pregnancy exercise. Now I find it an energizing start to the day. I feel stronger, look better and have more energy.
Lo C Q.
I have started because if I am stretched during the day then I can do daily chores much easier and it makes me feel productive during the day
Hevin N.
I really needed to orginize my life and thoughs.And I needed to relieve my stress.Yoga is the best way to relieve uneasy feelings by breathing.Also streching my body making me more telaxed so I can sleep easily.
Suzanne Z.
I have always hated exercise. The energy it takes to do it and how gross I feel afterwards. Yoga gives me the confidence that I'm improving by being able to hold the pose better and longer without struggling. And the harder I push myself the better my body feels and the better I sleep
Mia T.
I never liked going to the gym or runnning or that kind of exercise. So I looked in to yoga and lived it! It's not only good for your body, it's a meditation and it has so many benefits for both brain activity, memory, and the organs😊