How do you integrate yoga into your life? The middle of the day seems too disruptive yet maybe that is a helpful time to integrate practice

Jamie O.
So my schedules very different right now day today so my afternoon just after 12 is working well but I’m not getting to it because it’s just a busy transition time then every day. I have done itThe last two mornings before I leave to start my day and it’s made a significant difference. I still liked it in the evening. My goal is twice a day but this morning before work for the day and evening after everything is done
Andrea C.
To relax. In the middle of the day it allows me to break up my day and refocus. Yoga is calming and pushes me beyond my limits.
Owen Y.
I don't. I do my yoga practice at night (about 2 hours before sleep time or right before dinner). But I'm a night owl, so if you're an early bird, I'd recommend to do it in the morning before the breakfast
Elias A.
I bought a deck of cards with different yoga poses on them. I like them more than following a dvd or online class and it's easier on the schedule (and bank account 😊) than attending classes. Sometimes I'll do just 10 or 20 cards sometimes I'll go for 40. Mine increase in difficulty so I'm not quite strong/flexible enough for the the last few cards but it's a fun challenge every day to squeeze at least a couple of poses in! I use meditation interval timing app to keep track of how long I'm in each pose for.
Julio S.
I think doing it in the morning is best whether that is right after you wake up or later in the morning. But it helps you get your day started and feel more energized.
Andrea A.
It's the first activity I do after a long drink of water and a breathing exercise. It starts the day off in a refreshing way
Maggie Q.
First thing in the morning, I do 10 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes of yoga. Doing this at the beginning of my day helps me get off to a good start.
Simon W.
Morning times after a run or before breakfast is always a good time for me. I always stretch in the morning when I wake up and I try to be as active as possible to get me going for the day. When I do yoga in the morning, it helps me set the tone for my day and have a more optimistic outlook on the things to come throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be a long time. Sometimes I may do it after a run and it’ll be a 10 minute thing or other times it may be before breakfast and more thought out and longer w/o the run. Morning times are always better because I like to get my day going!
Kayla F.
I haven't participated in yoga as a daily routine, so I've been using this exercise during the evening– when I am done from work and want to stretch out my body to help with muscle pain and feelings of stress and anxiety.
Carter J.
I integrate a short quick 2-5 minute yoga session into my morning routine, it helps me breathe and calm my mind for the day