How do you find time to do yoga?

Terry Z.
I make it apart of my bedtime routine. I set a specific time during weekdays that I disconnect and engage in 10-20 minutes of yoga. On the days where I'm completely not feeling it I set a timer for 5 minutes. You can do anything for 5 minutes and I always end up feeling better if I do 5 minutes versus not doing anything at all.
Jennifer W.
Don't put pressure on yourself. Just try to wake up earlier and speed up the work you are doing. Then around late afternoon lock your door, get a mat and close your eyes and think and concentrate for fifteen minutes.
Prisha O.
It was difficult for me to think about making time for Yoga and than I realised that ( when I come back from school I try to take a 2 hour nap) This nap takes up 2 hours of my day, and I have a few hours to complete the rest of my tasks, so I just take 15 minutes before I start my nap and do Yoga in that much time ( Habit stacking, I heard of this on YouTube, if you stack your habit with a habit you already have in your routine, it’s much easier to make a habit, and get the time for it) Even tho it’s not long. It’s extremely refreshing:)
I’m not good at explaining😶. I really hope it helped
Maya N.
actually I wake up at 4:30and start my routine early and i should organize my time with the things that I should do and that's all also yoga dosnt take along time it is just 20 minutes before sleeping
Risha X.
In this busy life, finding time to do yoga is quite difficult. So I prefer to do yoga at morning.i do yoga immediately after wakeup in morning. I wake up and fresher up and start to do my hoga for 10 minutes even before breakfast. This could be help you to refresh and stay energetic in the whole day.
Christina N.
I woke up 20 minutes earlier then i usually would. Then found i wanted to get up an hour earlier and i still felt well rested
Rylan G.
It ties into my work so carving out time for it is not as hard as other habits. The more flexible I am the easier my job is so I have definite motivation.
Tia G.
I love to do yoga around night time. It help me sleep better and it’s a time where I can truly set aside everything and relax.
Sarah N.
I schedule it in ahead of everything else in the am at home then again in afternoon if I skip it then I do it next opportunity
Alexandra Z.
How do you find to do yoga ? I'll have to say that, it's a form of engagement to yourself, you will have to make time for yourself but, in terms of time management I would say early in the morning or at the end of the day. It's better to find a moment where your body and mind needs to rest, also for yourself what joy it brings to take care of yourself! Even though it's 20 mins per day 😉
Luisa R.
I think that Yoga is the first think that you do in the morning, for your mind, your body and your Soul! Werever time is perfect for Yoga but, it is beautiful smile with the sun in your fase in you just think! I am one with the universe 😌
Mattie Z.
U find the time to do yoga twice a day because I do it early in the morning after I drink a couple of drinks of my coffee and I do right before I go to bed.
Willie O.
I dedicated 20 min today to do yoga, you have to believe and convince yourself that it’s like brushing your teeth, or drinking water, you can do as mucha as you can, for example a session of 10-15 min or 30, but just dedicate a little of your time to connect with your body to feel it to understand it.
Vedika P.
After waking up early and doing some of my self care routine then I proceed to practice yoga because the rest of the day after it I fell sooo fresh that I’m able to meet my goals set for the day ahead on time ! ✨
S F.
Do for 5 min three times a day or do 30 min three days a week and those days can be when your schedule is light or weekends seems fine
Cassidy O.
I integrate it as a normal routine in my morning daily ritual. If I can take just a few moments/minutes to nourish my well-being, especially in the morning, I am choosing the path of healthier living – which for me, 100% includes yogic practices.
Clara C.
If you find time to eat, to take a bath and every day you need to sleep for live like a human, if you feel the Yoga like a part of your live and necessary for live every day like this… them, any time is perfect to push your body and your mind off and be one to the universe🙏✨